For he was Bagytr

Lots of stories have been written from the point of view of deserted islanders. But how does the presence of human affect the animals? This is a story of a brave boar who defends his island in the place of his deceased father.


1. Humans!

The day they came was such a treacherous day; it was a day I shall never forget. I was out in the forested quarters of the island when I heard a strange noise, fast rhythmic pitches, it was a human!


Mother told me later on of these strange beings, and their peculiar ways. They are animals but a species that have deserted the natural ways of life moving onto way of living I found quite outstanding.


I was trotting through the branches that day, freely hunting down a small bird or two, maybe even a rabbit if I were to be so lucky, this was when I stopped in my tracks. Then slowly, oh ever so slowly I peered though a bush, my feeble trotters shaking as I placed one forward to obtain a better look.


My eyes had never laid eyes upon a human, and now before my eyes they were. Yet for some reason this seemed all together more terrifying. I simply stood there, frozen as if by ice. I didn’t want to be noticed by these dangerous thin  were four loud boisterous beings up on two legs, long legs at that. They seemed to be quarreling, raising their voices and waving their limbs about. I reminded me of when I once saw two boars challenging each other with their mighty tugs, or animals, whatever they were I did not want to be seen by them.


Soon I got the courage to take a step back, one trotter at a time, one movement at a time, slowly reversing from the bushes and the terrifying sight I had just witnessed. I began running, with my ear upright, my heart racing, I ran to realize I was not being followed nor was I in danger. But the situation (of humans being on the island) made me run home anyway.

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