For he was Bagytr

Lots of stories have been written from the point of view of deserted islanders. But how does the presence of human affect the animals? This is a story of a brave boar who defends his island in the place of his deceased father.


3. For he was his father's son

Weeks past, the humans were starting to hunt animals across the island. They, as the humans in his mother’s tale camped by the lake, (the only drinkable water on the island), and as the former human had done they scared away any beast that tried to quench his thirst. Animals complained and cried over lost loves that had been devoured and consumed by these trespassers.


Bagytr watched them carefully from a safe distance. There was one female who lead the pack. She seemed to control what went where, who did what and more importantly who killed who. The second human was quite large, twice as thick as the others. He always inspected all the berries before any of them ate them. He went round franticly twisting and turning as if he was looking out for something. Bagytr soon found out he was looking out for snakes, as on the occasion one appeared he would run around shrieking, pale in the face. The third human Bagytr perceived as mindless, he always bumped into trees and fell over unlike the others who always seemed quite composed. This human usually did the slaughtering, waiting silently in the bushes for a poor creature to fall into his trap, then he would pounce and stab them until their heart stopped. Bagytr always felt a sharp pain in his heart every time he saw an animal die in pain and anguish, for the undeserving things called humans. The fourth human cut trees here and there but he was hardly seen as he was often by the lake fishing quietly. Bagytr was felt guilty that his animals were frightened and dying from thirst, yet still he couldn’t find it in him to stand up to these earth destroying humans. Until, they hurt some one dear to his heart…


Bagytr left one morning to hunt for food but it took a lot longer than usual because most of the animals had gone into hiding. Bagytr heard a gun shot, it echoed through the whole island banging into his eardrums. He ran home to see who the next victim was only to see his mother, dead, being carried away upside down tied to a stick. She was their next meal!


Bagytr was devastated along with another emotion he couldn’t describe as anything other than the warrior with in him. As tears streamed down his face he cried with all the air in his lungs, “I am my father’s son, I am Bagytr!” and all the animals of the island chorused with him. Bagytr charged at the humans slashing and stabbing them with his tusks, stepping into his father’s shoes. As he charged they shot, as they shot he slashed, as he slashed he died. For he was his father’s son, for he was Bagytr…







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