The water is near.

This story is about a young boy in Afghanistan, Aswari , which has suffered from a terrible flood. What will he lose. will he die or will he survive. Read the story to find out.


1. The evening.

"Thump" I was awoken by a loud thump. I went out of bed and down stairs.  As my foot touched the ground a cold chill went up my spine. I whispered to myself "please not again, not after last year" I slowly put my other foot on the ground. I was praying... My eyes opened wide open probably as wide as an owls. I stood there for a while still shocked but after I got a hold of myself. I was able to move. I started thinking again. What am I doing walking up stairs, I should be running. I started to sprint but I was already there. I woke up my parents but I was surprised why they did not wake up by the thump. After they got up I started telling them about everything. It took them a while to believe me but when they opened the lights they didn't go on, that was how they got out of bed to look out the window. At my horror there was water everywhere. Trees, cars and houses gone like they were sticks. I was shocked on how our house lasted for this long but there was a flood! 

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