Endangered Love

This story is about a man called Terry Tracker who was on a mission to hunt down a group of highly dangerous pack of terrorists. As he did the mission with his friend called Jarade Glace they where able to find the terrorists hide out but then Terry's girlfriend got kidnapped and now they have to go and save her. The battle was extrodinary but in the end Terry got his girlfriend back. And they lived together forever.


2. Time for Revenge

As the sun began to rise they went to headquarters where they found the location of the ship, it was nearly in New Zealand. Terry and Jarade flow over the ship and were dropped off in mad air once they pulled the trigger and were landed safely on the ship. Terry could see his girlfriend tied to a pole in the middle of a ship. He tried to say her name but she was unconscious so ran to save her unaware of everybody around him. They got hold of him and punched him in the stomach so he won’t talk a lot. Soon after that Terry opened his eyes and found himself tied next to his girlfriend. She could finally say something to him. Terry with his girlfriend in his hands where now in love with each other. Suddenly the cabin door slammed open and out walked the leader of the terrorists he was holding a gun and a knife that was covered in blood. He went up to terry and punched him in the face. His girlfriend started to scream. The terrorist leader took out his gun and shot terry. But missed with every shot. Terry moved fast and kicked him on the leg. The terrorist leader swayed his knife and sliced the rope not knowing that Terry had moved. Terry kicked him in the face and the stomach then pushed him off the ship. Terry could hear his girlfriend screaming. He turned and saw one of the terrorists holding a knife at her throat. Terry ran across the ship and kicked the terrorist right off the ship and caught his girlfriend in his hands. Then he turned around and said “ anybody else want to end up like those two”. Everybody started to run and jump off the ship. Soon they reached Australia and Terry could find Jarade behind a box sleeping. They went back to headquarters and finished the final mission. Now Terry and his girlfriend walked on the shore together and before you knew it they got married and had a final kiss. 


The end

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