Endangered Love

This story is about a man called Terry Tracker who was on a mission to hunt down a group of highly dangerous pack of terrorists. As he did the mission with his friend called Jarade Glace they where able to find the terrorists hide out but then Terry's girlfriend got kidnapped and now they have to go and save her. The battle was extrodinary but in the end Terry got his girlfriend back. And they lived together forever.


1. The Enemy Hideout

The sun was setting as he gazed across the ocean in the distance. Out of nowhere he could see a large ship coming into view, he laid his eyes on his partner Jarade Glance and winked at him. Jarade knew what he had to do, he must hide and follow where the ship stopped so he could place the tracking beckon on it and find out where they would go next. He slid past the trees where he saw a campsite filled with terrorists and inside there tents. He could see loads of barrels filled with bombs, TNT and dynamite. They where ready to load their gear when suddenly one of the bombs exploded, the damage it caused was unknown but it hit the ship hard so they had the leave before they would catch fire. Jarade swiftly rose from his feet and ran as fast as he could until he reached the ship. Quick as a flash he reached for the beckon and turned it on. The ship was nearly past the platform, Jarade took a long run up and leapt towards the ship below he saw the rushing waters, and he was about to fall then he took the risk of throwing the beckon but before he could see where it landed he splashed into the cold waters below. By the time he rose up from the water the boat was nearly out of sight but in the distance he could see a light flashing so he knew that it was the beckon then ran back to terry and finish the mission, but this was only the beginning. That night terry looked at the eclipse in the sky then wondered off into space. He was now in a house filled with roses in the perfect bloom.  Before he knew it he saw a beautiful woman standing by the door. Her hair shone bright as the sunlight laid upon it, her eyes where as blue as the bluest sea and her skin was as white as now, he finally had his dream of being in love with the girl of his dreams. SNAP!!!! He woke up and behind him was his partner Jarade Glance, he started to laugh and then he said “ What a crazy dream “. 

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