The Gourmet Hunter - Volume 1

Join Toriko and Komatsu as they adventure through the world to find the tastiest foods and to battle with the greatest opponents to become the worlds greatest Gourmet Hunter and Chef!


1. Let the Battles Begin!

In the future everyone enjoys food and cuisine. The people who get the food are called 'Gourmet Hunters'. They have to go around the world and capture delicious food for the people to eat! Every piece of food is classified in 'levels' and the higher the level the harder it is to capture one. A 'level 1' creature for example could be the 'Drunken Tauros'. It is a type of Cow which has very tender meat which tastes like beer! A 'level 1'creature can be killed by 10 men with shotguns. This will double every level all the way untill level 5 which takes 50 men to kill, level 6 monster will take 90 men to kill and with the help of 2 Massive King Tanks. Although some men are powerful enough to knock out a level 90 monster! They are known as the 4 Plates of Food. Although now another group has come and are trying to surpass them. They are called The Sandmen. It consisted of Toriko, the hunter and Frost the chef. They travel around the world capturing the best foods and creating something called a Kings Meal. It consisted of an Appetizer, Soup, Fish, Meat, Salad, Desert and Drink. Toriko and Frost has begun their adventure and currently they can capture and average of level 13. Next chapter they will begin with their first dish! The Garragater! A 300 year old Alligator who's meat will cost 10,000 GB (Gourmet Bucks) which is also equivalent to 8 million pounds. Will it be tasty enough to be on the very criticizing Toriko and Frost's King Meal? You'll have to find out next chapter!

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