The Red Eyed Ghost

This is a story of a ghost in a hotel. Read the story to find out more...


1. Room 527 and 526


There was a man called Paul, he moved into a hotel and into room 527. But in his room there was a door leading into room 526. He was curious and wanted to peak inside the keyhole. So he did. he peeked in holding his breath and what he saw was a pale and white girl crying in a corner. But the thing that caught his eye the most was her eyes, they weren't just any ordinary eyes, they were plain red. It was like 2 glowing rubies in her eyelids. He was desperate for answers so he went to the receptionist for answers.

Later, the receptionist told him that there was girl who got killed by her boyfriend because of an affair she had with him so she begged and begged for another chance but he wouldn't allow it. So he pulled out her eyes and left the hotel and left her to die. So that was the reason why she has red eyes Paul thought. So he went one more time to prove that the rumor was right.

So he peeked through the keyhole and saw complete red everywhere. This means that she was looking at him right through the keyhole. The End

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