Look so good I might die

aka. Timber. English version.
Danish version: http://www.movellas.com/da/book/read/201205212246584106


1. Timber

It was the brittle sound of the bell, that gave her away. I sat in the corner, allured by her every impression. The downhearted eyes, the shy blush on her cheeks, the draft in the cornermouth, the sway of the hips as she avoided one chair after another. All of it twined into the sleek hair.


"Khrrrm.." The tender sound did not come from her nor me, but it had come, when the door closed again. It was not her scent or the mystery of this otherworldly creature, but the color in her eyes, that drew forth the smile on my lips. The following titter - or was it really that? - was a bonus. Of the kind, that made one oh-so-guilty.


"Timberrr!" On the way down the stairs, this was her word. I could also hear the bracelets, she always wore, clank and there was a smear of red paint near the nose. She seemed to understand my gesture, as she removed the little earplugs and put them in a pocket, I can only presume it was.

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