Vlad The Impaler

A poem about Vlad the Impaler- from a different point of view.


1. Vlad the Impaler


My new friend isn’t what he seems

And not even your wildest dreams

Can imagine his darkest thoughts.

His silent shadow forever stalks

Your nightmares and reality

Reminding you of your mortality.


My dragon friend is furious and evil

His reputation is truly medieval.

Your life is all but his game,

A toy, to him, it’s all the same.

His brother buried, but no-one cares

Alive he lays, without heirs.


Red hot fire screams all around

The flames of hell burn to the ground,

Silent screams don’t make a sound

Unlike the barks of Hell’s hound.

The bodies pile up in a mound,

A shaped and planned burial ground-

The squares, stars and the round,

Make you want to ‘stick’ around.


My royal friend has his family

Sons, wives and brothers three

But in the end, all will meet

A tragic end, dusted with deceit

Suicide and torture rot them all

But the all rest prayed for his fall


A picnic among his victims’ bones

Rotting corpses, all unknowns

Nothing disgusts the Prince of Pain

While all the rest go insane

He’s done the bad, the mad and more

But the wealthy smirk, above the law.


Spiral down my carnival path

Let’s all take an acid bath

Give in to Envy and Wrath

Forget the hell-bound aftermath

Thy devil, thine angel, and all thy hath

Never forgive thee for thy laugh

And all the best, sweet psychopath.


Feel his fuel, his psychedelic bliss,

The blurred colours are a soul’s kiss

It whirrs, it smokes, and it bleeds and ticks

His mind, bathed in waters of the Styx

No-one understands his powerful rush

Though feeling is underneath the anger crush


He goes down like all the rest

He lies among with history’s best

Those untouched are truly blessed

You could have been a party guest

We glorify their work, it’s true

Our fascination is nothing new

Murder is but another act

We can’t help it- it’s a fact


Meet my friend, he’s quite a treat

But do you want his past to repeat?

Don’t be scared, he doesn’t bite

Their ghosts echo his deadly sight

Meet my friend, he’s lot of fun

He’ll kill you when the day is done.

Take a step into Wonderland,

And have a feast among the damned


Meet my friend, Vlad The Impaler.


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