The story of Vivian, who fears three bullies more than anything in the world. They make his life purely Hell, without a thought. He is their puppet, a mere rag-doll.


7. Previously


His trouble with Ted all started six months earlier. Since then, he’d lived in constant fear that he would end up stalked and bullied by him. He wasn’t far from wrong. But, six months earlier, it started with a dog.

            Vivian needed cash-quickly. He wanted money for all sorts of things: games, a bike, music. But his pocket money was pitiful, so he decided to get a job. Unfortunately, the only job around was dog-walking. He’d been walking this particular Terrier for a week or so, for an elderly couple that lived down his street. It was a fairly naughty dog- trying to run off, or attack other dogs (or anything in sight). But one day, when walking the dog, he ran into Ted, Robby and Jeff. He didn’t really know them, so averted his eyes in a twisted form of respect. Until he heard the dog. Barking and yelping, the dog smelt something on the three. Trying to snap at their heels, they laughed at its pathetic attempts.  

            “This your dog?” Jeff smirked at Vivian in an unpleasant way.

            “No. It belongs-“

            “What the Hell?” Ted looked down at his shoes. They were covered in dog urine. His white trainers- ruined. Shocked and infuriated he glared at Viv, who laughed (to his regret later on).

            “You think this is funny?” Ted was one of these people who only found things funny at another’s expense. Vivian ignored the question and stopped laughing. Robby and Jeff were sharing glimpses of confusion.

            “Get the Hell out of here. You’ll be paying for my shoes- Vivian isn’t it?” Vivian ignored him, thinking he might have been joking.

            “Did I stutter?”

            “Sorry.” Ted walked up to Vivian, trying to be threatening, but it was hard to take him seriously- covered in dog urine.

            “Are you laughing at me? Look, if I ever see you again, ever- I’ll kill you. OK? Without a second thought.” Vivian backed away, and led the dog back home- in the opposite direction to Ted, of course. Even though it was the long way, it would be better than certain death. And ever since, Vivian had been terrified of Ted's revenge (whatever form it would take). He knew it would happen; it was inevitable. But when, and how. They were the frightening thoughts. What gory way would Ted get back at him?

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