The story of Vivian, who fears three bullies more than anything in the world. They make his life purely Hell, without a thought. He is their puppet, a mere rag-doll.


5. Colby


It was Thursday, and Viv woke up at ten to eight, just as his parents were leaving. He went downstairs and made himself breakfast (cornflakes, as usual). He looked in the fridge- no milk. Eating the cornflakes dry wasn’t too great, so he turned on the TV and watched it for a little bit, and then went upstairs to get ready. 

            He left the house and started walking down his street, still nervous in case he ran into Ted. He saw a boy about his age heading the same way down his street, so he decided to go over and walk with him (just in case he did cross paths with Ted).

            “Hi there.” The boy looked at him, smiling.

            “Morning.” They stopped for a second, looking at each other. Vivian usually found it hard to make friends, but today he was desperate. Even if this boy was only his friend for today, that would do. He just needed somebody to talk to on the way to school.

            “I’m Vivian.”

            “I know. I’m Colby.”

            “Do you go to my school? I don’t recognise you.” Colby grinned and they continued walking.

            “Yeah. A lot of people don’t notice me.” As they walked down the street, they got to know each other. Talking about things they both enjoyed, sharing laughs and generally chatting. By the time they’d got to school, Viv had pushed Ted and what he was going to do the next time he saw him to the back of his mind.

            At break, Viv and Colby met up in the cafeteria. He hadn’t seen Ben all day, so he decided to hang around with Colby.

            “So, how come I haven’t seen you around?” Colby turned and looked at Viv, a bit confused.

            “What do you mean?”

            “Well… I have to be honest; I don’t think I’ve seen you before today.” Colby frowned.

            “Maybe that’s because people only see what they want to. That’s why you don’t recognise him-“ Colby pointed at a boy also their age, who didn’t see them, “or him.” He pointed to a girl, who Viv sort of knew but not quite. Colby was right- people are too ignorant to even know their own peers. It surprised him. People should know their class-mates. He mentally decided to find out the names of the two he had just seen- the girl and the boy. They ate their lunches in silence- Viv still felt awful about his remark to Colby; Colby obviously felt like he’d made the atmosphere uncomfortable. After all, they’d only known each other a few hours. They were still getting to known one another.

            “Vivian?” Colby pushed his food around his plate.


            “I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that I’ve never really had a friend before.” Vivian was shocked. Colby was so friendly, easy to get on with- or was that just Viv’s desperation? He had seemed… funny…when he was talking about the girl and boy Viv didn’t recognise. And earlier on, he’d said something about how nobody really acknowledged him because he was ‘different’. Vivian couldn’t see what was different.

            “It’s okay. You didn’t.” There was something about Colby that Viv couldn’t quite understand- yet he was still trying to figure out what that thing was.


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