The story of Vivian, who fears three bullies more than anything in the world. They make his life purely Hell, without a thought. He is their puppet, a mere rag-doll.


3. Change


“Where’s our change?”

            “What change?” He turned around. The wings turned to handcuffs and chains. He wasn’t free yet.

            “From the ciggies- what are you, an idiot?” They laughed, but still injected hate into every single word. What did they mean? It was his money. Still, he passed over the pennies with a loathing that words couldn’t describe. They just didn’t have any boundaries, any morals. As he turned, they laughed and shared out the pennies. He went to cross the road, when he heard Ted’s voice again. Weary and stressed, he decided that he wouldn’t take it anymore- he would stand up to him.

            “Oi. Is this all you have?” Viv turned around- filled with a mix of bravery and fear.

            “No. But you’re not getting the rest.” Wow. He felt good. He felt strong. He was about to say more, but then Ted broke the silence.

            “Excuse me?” They looked in shock. But, instead of fazing them, like Viv expected, it gave them more motivation. Ted walked towards him, slowly but seriously. His steps were careful and planned- almost like he’d rehearsed the movement.

            “I need it. My money.”

            “I heard. But I don’t think you understand.” As Ted approached, Vivian realised that he had to move, or he was going to end up hurt. He walked backwards across the road, still looking Ted in the eye. Smirking, Ted quickened his pace. Then, Ted stopped as if something caught his eye. A quick flash of surprise and fear went across Ted’s face. He opened his mouth as if to say something- then Viv turned. He saw a green bus a few inches away from him, and before he could make a sound, everything went black.

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