The story of Vivian, who fears three bullies more than anything in the world. They make his life purely Hell, without a thought. He is their puppet, a mere rag-doll.


4. Awake


The next thing Viv remembered was waking up in his house, like nothing had happened. He seemed fine. Probably had been sleeping for a few days. Maybe he could stay off school a few days- it was probably best to keep away from Ted. He headed downstairs to get some breakfast. It was half-ten, so there was no chance of school. His parents had left, so he had the day to himself. Great! He made himself some toast, and sat down to watch some day-time television. He turned on a game show and relaxed, ready to waste his day.


At half-five, his parents walked in the door, seeming stressed. He decided not to bother them as he still felt tired. They walked past him and into the kitchen. As his dad walked up the stairs (probably to take a short nap, he usually did after work), his mother shouted through.

            “Dinner’s ready in ten minutes.” She was ignored by Viv’s dad.

            “Alright, thanks Mam,” Viv called through.         

            After ten minutes passed, his mother laid the three places at the table and brought dinner through. She sat down opposite Vivian. His dad looked at the table, shook his head and sat down. She stared at him.


            “Don’t. I’m not hungry anymore.” he left his seat and headed upstairs. His mother sat down and sighed.

            “I’m tired, Lucy. Too tired.” He continued up to his room. He must have had a problem at work or something. His mother continued eating in silence. He knew that she’d had a stressful day; she had bags under her eyes. She was quiet when she was stressed.

            “Oh Viv. How was your day?” Viv smiled- she wasn’t too tense. He shrugged and grinned at her. She nodded.

            “Don’t mind me, I’m just strained. Work and everything…” He let her talk to him, as he felt that he didn’t have much to say. To be honest, his day hadn’t been very interesting at all.

            “But I’ll be alright. I’ll be fine.” He knew she would. She was always stressed out from work. She sometimes came home, made dinner and went to bed. Both his parents seemed to do that, really. They hardly ever had ‘family time’, or watched the TV together. And when they did, it was always an old movie or something. It was good though, when it did happen.

            “I was talking to your friend Ben today.”

            “How is he, Mam? I bet he’s wondering where I am.” He finished off the last of his tea, about to leave the table.

            “He’s fine. He said that he’s going to join that debating society; he knew that you were in it. He said he’ll fill in for you for a while.” She sighed and took out the two plates.

            “Alright, I’m going upstairs to do my homework.” She didn’t hear him: she’d turned on the taps to do the washing up. He headed up the stairs to his room. His dad was in the bathroom, shaving, so Viv tried not to bother him. He went into his room and shut the door. He heard his dad jump in shock. He came through to Viv's room and opened the door with a start. He looked at Vivian, who was sat at his desk, and frowned. He must have thought that Viv was still downstairs. He left, shutting the door again.

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