SCRAP: The Final Bots

SCRAP: The Final Bots, This is the first book of the Trilogy. SCRAP is the name of a robot that was hand crafted by the human race, Secretly breaking into the energy core of the space time continuum, Unleashing the savage berserker's who feed on scrapped metal as well as humans, The scientists were meant to create something good on the planet a new milestone to be reached has raised from space it's self. Scrap isn't just the name of the leader bot, The team army of robots are called SCRAP. They seek to find the hidden ores and the life before time existed. Breaking into Earth's core causes a inferno to melt the world as it forms new life and new planets. It is up to Scrap the thirty bots army to save the galaxy and time it's self.
Tags: Ignore the tags, Just read the story =P


3. The Frozen Wasteland


Seeking through the earth, breaking into the crumbled rocks. I start to smash my fists against the final heavy rock. How can my cavern be so full of rocks?. I knew where the car was as I turned around facing west. My eyes blinked as a grizzly smile awoken on my face. The under ground caves, how come no one has discovered this place. It's not that hard to find, break rocks then smash your way into the core. Marine Julie was trying to contact me using her mind, wow... I knew she wanted to discuss about 4YT372, the thought of going back into the core startled me. My eyes were now blood veined as my skin went blue from the ice underground. Remembering that Scrap was lost in the core, I wanted to find out more about why we never died. 

The situation of the 4YT372 crash was redundant, seeking for Julie underneath the core. Her messages started to crackle in my mind, how can she still be contacting me?. Trying to remember where she would of gone, I started to get restless and impatient. My sharp robotic arms pierced through my skin. The time was now, to reveal all that was lost ten years ago. Feeling the cold ice freeze into my cold blooded feet, my skin went bluer as I went deeper and deeper. Julie was around here somewhere. Arms and legs were down here, jaws the size of a dinosaur were frozen in the core. Blood thirsty shadow wolves staring at me as I go towards the frozen wasteland. Fire was underneath the ice breaking into the core. 

Flames started to lift like rockets, raising into the air as it struck against my frozen skin. Eyes began to get strained as I pulled my frozen hands off the ice. It's so cold! I shouted as my voice echoed like an earthquake. Julie's messages began to silence as she repeated them several times. I had almost died, my heart was frozen sealing the beats, corrupting my insides. FrostTrax! I shouted as I knew that this was the location we were lost in. Looking around myself I slowly stiffly moved towards the ice beneath me. Bending down on my stiff frozen knees, icicles had already froze into my ribs. Ouch I hissed as the frost began to settle on me. The blood inside of me was no longer boiling it had stopped moving around my body...

Julie! I shouted with aggression, wiping the frost off my stiff arms. Using my solid metallic knuckles, I smashed the ice beneath me as the cold air travelled in my empty body. Leaking out melted water from my dry nose as blood gushed from my swollen enclosed mouth. Dripping from my sorrow lips as the ice had froze me in place. Knowing that I was frozen my whole body began to shut down, I could see Julie coming towards me. Pulling me on my feet, she handed me some microchip, "what's this" I asked with a confused expression on my face. She nodded as a cheeky smile was revealed on her human like face. She told me to take the chip to 4YT372 in a strange voice, how can I do that?. I have no idea where 4YT372 is...

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