SCRAP: The Final Bots

SCRAP: The Final Bots, This is the first book of the Trilogy. SCRAP is the name of a robot that was hand crafted by the human race, Secretly breaking into the energy core of the space time continuum, Unleashing the savage berserker's who feed on scrapped metal as well as humans, The scientists were meant to create something good on the planet a new milestone to be reached has raised from space it's self. Scrap isn't just the name of the leader bot, The team army of robots are called SCRAP. They seek to find the hidden ores and the life before time existed. Breaking into Earth's core causes a inferno to melt the world as it forms new life and new planets. It is up to Scrap the thirty bots army to save the galaxy and time it's self.
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5. Shadows Are No Longer In The Shallows!

Looking down with my twisted eyes, my wild imagination sucks in dark thoughts. 'Stop!' I had shouted with the top level of my voice, as I had strained my throat. The deeper I went the darker it got, shadows moving in from the distance. Looming outside of the small light sparks that had been here for over ten years. 'Where did she go?' I thought as I moved further into the dusky fog that had been surrounded by pure darkness. Flames of all colours were lighting my surroundings, 'where is she?' I said it again as I moved further into the fog. No more voices the worst was yet to come. Hearing strange noises from around the corner of the dusty edged corners, noise shrieks in my ear drums. Silently sneaking past my legs was something that felt alot like a human form. The creature had just brushed against me as it ran into the deep darkness. 

Feeling around having to just trust my eyes, this worried me so much I ended up blinking continuously. Small whispers were escaping the caverns closing in on me, deep breathes I had taken trying to recover from the events. Julie must be down here I saw her. Thinking inside my mind I wasn't sure what to trust any more. The silent howls that had echoed in my ears were deathly haunting sounds. Bursting for air I attempted to smash the celling for cold air. Finally breaking into the light I had hit the core dead on. 'Bullseye' I whispered as something placed it's large shadowy unknown on me. Pulling me down beneath the caverns I had fallen through the ground. My mind was puzzled as I was too...

Large illuminated rocks had fallen on my legs. The robotic hands that I had were strong enough to lift the rocks off me. Getting back up from the falling drama was a nightmare. Silence was all around me, shadows were still moving even though I had thought I was in the shallows. Nothing could get me trying to convince myself to stay calm. My bones started shaking with rattling teeth from my cold jaw. 'Stop' I had told my teeth, I'm going crazy down here I whispered. Flames were no longer glowing light on me, the only flames I could see were black and grey covering my eyes. The savage beast had disappeared, having a clue on where it had gone was easy. There was a large dark burrow that had been blocked with fallen rocks. 

I never wanted to go after it, so I stayed on the ground level I was on. More whispers were surrounding me, "Stop it!" I shouted as my shaking bones got worse. 'Come with us' something had said to me with a strange unusual voice. "Why should I?" I whispered with sadness, 'you will see' the thing had replied. Trying to make choices of whether to go with it or stay with it. Nothing could of changed the way I felt since I felt trapped and doomed all at once. My hollow knee caps were pressed against the rubble. 'Come on' the thing had said to me as I was trying to stand again. "No, now get lost!" I shouted while feeling my surroundings. 'Light is what you need, right?' the thing asked me, I didn't know what to do. Trust the figure or run?. Making a quick decision I ran towards the dark burrow trying to move rocks as I dug. 'Don't do that!' the thing said to me with fear from it's voice. 

"Leave me alone then!" I shouted as a strange mysterious light emerged from the shadows. 'See listen to me!' the thing said as it asked me once again to go with it. My mind thought that the shadows could fool me or transform into something else. Studying quickly and anxiously inside my mind. I had decided to trust the figure and go towards it. "Okay I'll come with you, show your self please..." I said with a nervous voice as my bones were shaking faster. The figure emerged from the darkness holding a flash light in it's left hand. It was an adult human, why is he down here I thought.  The person tried to explain to me why he was down here, 'I was with a old team, ouch my head hurts...'  The person replied as he tried to speak more. Offering to help him he nodded as a smile awoken on his face... 

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