SCRAP: The Final Bots

SCRAP: The Final Bots, This is the first book of the Trilogy. SCRAP is the name of a robot that was hand crafted by the human race, Secretly breaking into the energy core of the space time continuum, Unleashing the savage berserker's who feed on scrapped metal as well as humans, The scientists were meant to create something good on the planet a new milestone to be reached has raised from space it's self. Scrap isn't just the name of the leader bot, The team army of robots are called SCRAP. They seek to find the hidden ores and the life before time existed. Breaking into Earth's core causes a inferno to melt the world as it forms new life and new planets. It is up to Scrap the thirty bots army to save the galaxy and time it's self.
Tags: Ignore the tags, Just read the story =P


6. Finding Marine Julie

The dark smile that reflected on his stale face, freaked me out big time. Staring at the man while speaking to him about who pulled me down here. "Who pulled me down beneath the earth?" I asked with some dusty particles coming from my swollen lips. The man looked at me as he slowly turned his rusty head, hearing the metal clang and crack made me wonder. He sounded like a robot that was rusted a while back, wondering whether or not I should ask him. Rotating my cracked sliced skin as I turn facing him with my robotic eyes. 'You need to come with me if you want to live' the man said as he walked into the light that had been shown from behind the rubble. Watching his twisted eye sockets rotate as he tries to locate the exit for me. Marine Julie went down here, she must be here somewhere I shouted. Is there any possible way that we could find the exit for both of our sakes. Nothing could of been so unclear that day. 

Walking up the dusty corrupted rubble, as landslides fill in my shoes. The sharp pieces of glass were stabbing into my tiny toe, as it pierced through my skin. The blood drooled out of my toe releasing tiny sparks of electricity. Trying to climb the sacred rocks that had been stacked by an avalanche was almost impossible. The man asked me to go first since I knew what I was doing?. His dark eyes faded inside of his rusty sockets as the broken emblem inside of him shattered to let out light. "How did you do that" I asked with a mumble of concern. 'The Tea-' before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted by a dark shadow. The way it swayed left and right releasing toxic grey misty gas from it's hands. The shadow chased the man into the corner of the rubble caverns. 'The core!' he shouted as he held his mind out of control, walking into the sharp vines that had wrapped around the walls in an instant. 

Before he could talk more information, he crumbled into skin and oil with rotten blood dripping. "No!" I shouted as I progressed through the sharp deathly vines. The man was a great friend for a few seconds until the shadows had swollen him to eternity. I wanted vengeance, however he told me that I should find the core so I will. The shadow ran off in the direction I was going as it's gasses filled the air. "Leave me alone!" I shouted with fear eating inside of me. The deathly ear piercing voice it had spoken with. 'Leave at once or I shall finish you and your team!' I wanted to ask it what it meant by team. I wasn't in a team, I never brought anyone with me. The shadow waved it's diabolical hands as they swayed in front of my very eyes. The shadow formed into her true form, 'Julie!' I bellowed with a loud voice. The shadow form changed into Julie's figure as it replied 'yes Scrap' The voice it had used was the soft loving voice from Julie. I fell in love with it as I approached it to hug it. 

The shadow replied back to me with Julies soothing voice, "Your be fine down here, stay with us Scrap". The voice had stolen my heart as I wanted to relax with Julie and express my true feelings for her. Ever since the explosion I loved her, she loved me from day one, well I hope. I would always stare at her asking her to go out with me and she would smile with her cute face, as her voice soothes my anger from getting out of hand. Her lovely cute hands would wrap around my scared back as she rubs it for comfort. I miss her so I went to kiss the shadow formed Julie. 'Come with me Scrap' she replied before I could kiss her and settle with her forever...

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