SCRAP: The Final Bots

SCRAP: The Final Bots, This is the first book of the Trilogy. SCRAP is the name of a robot that was hand crafted by the human race, Secretly breaking into the energy core of the space time continuum, Unleashing the savage berserker's who feed on scrapped metal as well as humans, The scientists were meant to create something good on the planet a new milestone to be reached has raised from space it's self. Scrap isn't just the name of the leader bot, The team army of robots are called SCRAP. They seek to find the hidden ores and the life before time existed. Breaking into Earth's core causes a inferno to melt the world as it forms new life and new planets. It is up to Scrap the thirty bots army to save the galaxy and time it's self.
Tags: Ignore the tags, Just read the story =P


4. Finding 4YT372 - Stay In The Shallow Or The Shadows Will Follow!

Lost in my soul of darkness, trying to forbid myself from listening to Julie's figure. The dark look she had in her eyes was a dead giver way to leave at once. Instead of listening to myself I listened to a figure a person, someone that I loved. 4YT372 was demolished back in the core, I promised never to dare to vanquish myself in that place ever again!. Her deep hollow voice echoed in my tormented mind, flames were inside of my eyes, no they were behind my eyes. Trying to escape fear and death could never be simple. It's complex and difficult from the heroes eyes to the next, it all passes on like a virus or a paranormal activity. Minds were blown when everyone heard of the 4YT372 exploding!.

Flames started changing colour behind my robotic skin, I could feel the chip emerging into my skin. Silence was now heard in the distance, nothing was there. I ran back to Julie's figure hoping she could help me find 4YT372. As soon as I arrived in the very spot she was before. Nothing there just dark shadowy footprints that had loomed towards my eyes. The sharp stare I could see in my mind was looking at me like it knew everything about me. The twisted rumours that had been spread around the world about the core. A shadowy form of life had been found here thirteen years ago, people had described the creature to us. Sharp shadowy eyes that would stare into your soul, trying to redeem your life forever in it's loomed hands.

Falling onto the ground in fear, I reached for the edge of the cliff pulling myself up. It was a shock, unbelievably impossible. I had seen that shadow before, well before. It's shadowy gusty shaped head would turn around. Facing me staring into my shallow soul that had once been my life before. This creature had been known to destroy and slaughter other living things. Nothing could ever be done to stop this creature since it was too powerful or too scary. No-one knows the full story on this savage beast. Where did Julie go I thought as I stepped back into the darkness.

Dark black fog had loomed inside of me. My eye sockets twisted releasing oil to flow into my mind. Blasting the core! someone had said this to me before. I couldn't remember anything that had happened before the crash and after the crash. It was a never ending paradox, something that I wish I never found. Lifeforms were found back in the years when my father was a kid, he had told me that you should follow the light trails not the dark ones. I never understood him, why would he say something like this. Did he know what would happen in the future?. Doomed I whispered risking my life as I go deeper into the darkness. Voices echoed in my ears, "my crew!" I shouted with happiness inside of me. My heart started to go rapid as I descended into the darkness. Remembering my fathers older words, "Stay in the shallow or the shadows shall follow" I never understood it, what could he mean by this?...


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