SCRAP: The Final Bots

SCRAP: The Final Bots, This is the first book of the Trilogy. SCRAP is the name of a robot that was hand crafted by the human race, Secretly breaking into the energy core of the space time continuum, Unleashing the savage berserker's who feed on scrapped metal as well as humans, The scientists were meant to create something good on the planet a new milestone to be reached has raised from space it's self. Scrap isn't just the name of the leader bot, The team army of robots are called SCRAP. They seek to find the hidden ores and the life before time existed. Breaking into Earth's core causes a inferno to melt the world as it forms new life and new planets. It is up to Scrap the thirty bots army to save the galaxy and time it's self.
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2. 4YT372 Is Down!

4YT372 is down!, I repeat 4YT372 is down. We are low on air, fuel tanks are due to explode any minute. Air levels are low as heck, we may loose everyone and everything!. Anything we can do? I whispered with a spark of electricity coming out of my gloves. Yes there is something, he replied with crackling high frequency effecting the radio. What can I do?, I asked as I became impatient. Releasing the valve should save us... he replied with crackling breaking down his words. Just as I was about to ask what I can do, the radio had now cut off. Julie our space marine was meant to bring the ship home, where did we go wrong!. Smashing the jumbled controls as I threw my weight onto the monitor. What can I do! I shouted to the marines on air line. Captain Jake had just finished the latest technology as I had seen this before but when?... 

Everyone was looking forward to the new project we had finished. Cutting off the power for high voltage to flow through the energy core. Captain Jake asked me if I could release the Scrap team, thinking of why he wants them now I nodded. Hesitation had taken my mind as I agreed with Captain Jake. What more could I of done! shouting to the marines on the radio with mint breathe raising into the atmosphere. Having to report to Captain Jake that 4YT372 is down was the biggest mission for me. For others the mission was to defend the planet. I was now determined to turn off the experiment that was being held at the science museum. Something had gone out of control, that's how we lost the shuttle I said. Captain Jake sighed as he slammed his muscular iron fists on the rusty metal table. Why is the shuttle still operating? Captain Jake asked with a confused voice. Shocked to see that the shuttle is still operating from the crash is shocking. Marine Julie is still alive? I thought to myself while nervously scratching my hand with the tips of my teeth. 

How was this possible? the shuttle couldn't of survived... Confusing us with this twisted news, I started going insane. How could they of survived? results have shown that the shuttle should of exploded. Checking the fuel tanks damage there was nothing left of the shuttle. The only way they could of survived is if they weren't humans. Knowing that Julie is a robot, I thought back in the past when Julie was experimenting with Dr Joey. Scrap was an old team that was lost ten years ago when the shuttle had exploded from too much impact. They were the best team, the only team that could survive forever. My mind was now focused on the fact that it is time to reveal myself. Walking slowly towards the lab with my hand pressed against my left arm. Marine Julie had sent a message inside my mind, I could hear the message looping in my mind... 

This is crazy how could she do that?. The message was from Julie today with her explaining that Scrap is still alive. I never understand her until I realised that I know something that my mind doesn't. Marine Julie told me something in my mind that only I could understand. She was speaking on the old Scrap radio, how is that possible my mind thought. It was obliterated ten years ago. Seeking for answers I spoke to myself, as if I was inside my mind. She had spoke words that I could never understand. Captain Scrap report to the core, come now!. The same voice with the same sentence repeated in my mind. My name is Scrap? my mind was confused, however I myself was not. I knew what Julie meant as I walked towards my futuristic car that had been under ground for ten years...

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