The Black Field

Have you ever heard of the famine in Ireland? A young girl dictates the unfortuante events of her life during the time; about the tragic, gory death of her brother and the pain she endures. Venture on a journey through the life of one of the forgotten Irish victims.


3. Desperation

After that everything went downhill. Mr Foxwood ‘kindly granted us a plot of land’ as he said. It was good for nothing but potatoes. The first harvest fed us well enough, but the following year our stomachs were accustomed to the feeling of hunger. Months flew past, day by day the portions grew smaller and smaller. Our crop had been infested and we were lucky if we could salvage a mere three potatoes. It wasn’t just our family; you could see the town folk wasting away.

In the winter month’s times hardened, it soon came to the situation of having to eat nothing. We were all starving whilst out bodies shook uncontrollably in the cold. Desperation is a difficult feeling to describe; there is a fine line between desperation and numbness. One cannot express the extent of the pain that follows desperations in its wake, unless they experience it for themselves.

I know my time is coming; I pray it comes soon. Everyone’s time must come sooner or later. But for us here in Ireland, there will be no later.

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