Death Is A Gift

Who is he ?


2. Their Precious Lives.


Beth took off her ballet shoes and neatly wrapping them up; she placed them back into her ballet holdall.

She stepped out into the cold air, taking her car key out her bag, “I’ll see you next week Melisa,” she said waving off her ballet companion.

Getting into her cream ‘Mini Cooper’, she started the engine, turning the heating on full blast. Her mobile buzzed impatiently in the pocket of her soft sweatpants making her jump slightly at the suddenness.‘Hello my name is Joshua Fernandez and was hoping if you could tutor my 14yr old daughter. Would you mind meeting up with me in half an hour or so outside the New Scottish Parliament. I would be grateful if you could make it so we could talk things over’

As she read the text a nervous excitement began to bubble within her. Only just yesterday had she put out an advert saying “need a geography tutor? If yes then text me (Bethany Riddle) on the contact number below,” and now already she had gotten a reply, and only within 19 hours.

  As quickly as she could she, she texted back ‘sure I can, would you mind waiting beside the bicycle stands, just so I know who you are, see you’, she waited for Mr. Fernandez to text back an agreement, and once he had done so, she drove off to their designated meeting point.


“So you know, she’s pretty an’ all but....., you even listening to me man?”

“Twenty-eight, yes, twenty-nine, I, thirty, am,” putting the weights back on the stand above his head. He sat up letting his arms relax and looked at across at Dave’s his frowning face “, of course I was listening to you,” he said trying to sound as sympathetic and truthful as possible.

“Okay then, repeat to me everything I have told you,”

“Ah, well, you see, I really was listening to you, but, with my sub-conscious mind, whilst also, ignoring you consciously,” he said putting on his factual voice.

“Talking to you is useless Josh,” feeling annoyed with his cousin got up and made his way towards the changing rooms, he could hear Josh catching up behind him but chose to ignore his name being called after him.

“Your phone’s buzzin by the way,“ Dave said taking Josh’s phone out his trouser pocket as they changed out their sports gear.

“Why do you have my phone?”

“Because you gave it to me just before you started weight lifting, ring a bell?” Dave said.

The problem with Joshua was that he was extremely intelligent and quick thinking but, was very forgetful, and also being very good looking and interesting he only ever had one proper male friend, his cousin David. 

 Dave looked at his cousins confused face “you did, okay,” he said picking up his Iphone “right, unknown number, say’s, ‘hey Josh remember me Bethany Riddle from high school, want to meet up?, if yes then wait by the bicycle stands outside the New Scottish Parliament, love Beth,” Dave looked up and wiggled his eyebrow’s, “Who is this forgotten fellow high schooler Beth?” he said handing back his phone.

“I don’t know but I want to meet this girl,” Josh said picking up his bag and bike helmet “see ya,” and rushed out of the changing rooms.

He jogged past the reception and through the automatic doors, stepping out into Edinburgh’s cold air.

As he walked across to his motorbike his phone buzzed once again, but this time it was Dave, “what happened 2 us going 2 pizza hut, dude” ignoring his cousin he pulled the helmet over his head and starting his motorbike, he rode away to their designated meeting point.


   Hanging half of his bed, Otis lay on his stomach trying to revise for an end of year exam the very next day. He wondered why, that out of all the other 365 ¼ days in a year, why did today have to be the day his brain decided to melt. His engineering textbook began to do the shuffle causing all the words to jump of the page and thump Otis’ head. Oh, the horrible pain of leaving revision till the last day.

His phone screen began blink as it vibrated noisily on his bedside table, wickedly tempting him to read whatever text it so excited about.

Ignoring it, he tried to drag his focus back onto his glossy text book, which lay under his nose boring him to death.

It was no use. So rolling over to his bedside table he picked up his phone and read the following “hi, Otis, we got your extreme Go-kart engine ready for you to collect, two of our dudes (Beth Riddle and Joshua Fernandez) are waiting for you outside the new Scottish Parliament (near the bike stands) so all you gotta do now is go get it, Yours speedily ‘Go-Karts United’.

That was odd he sure they said that he would need to collect it from his nearest store, but feeling too excited to think of the logic he rolled off his bed, grabbing his nearest jumper, and within seconds, was out the building, having completely forgotten his exam revision.

The parliament was only ten minutes away by foot so he decided he might as well walk to their designated meeting point.  

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