Death Is A Gift

Who is he ?


1. Prologue


I pressed my fingers on the keys with all the useless passion I could express.

Passion that swam around the pit of my stone cold heart.

The heart. The most important of the human body, a vital organ keeping a normal human alive.

Though, useless to me.

I guess, that is what you get if you shake a warm hand with the Devil. I asked him for one thing, just one thing, and I return, he takes away my gift of death.

I... I have tried every way possible and impossible to die, hired every assassin know to the deep underworld, but still I am here and alive.

My heart beating.

My lung’s still breathing.

My brain still functioning.

I pick up my music book, even it will die one day sitting on the music stand under my nose, flicking through and stopping at a random page I begin to play once more.

‘Einaudi; Questa Notte’, suiting my mood perfectly today.

But then, again, I have no moods.

No emotions.

Why should I bother with them if I have nothing to be afraid of?

Nothing to love.

Nothing to protect.

This life is useless to me.

Being alive for eternity is worse than having to face the presence of death. 

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