Many things in life are a mystery, but the nature of human beings are the most mysterious of all. This is a murder investigation of the death of a rich business man. His wife is being interrogated; throughout secrets are discovered...


1. Deception

The light was directed to my face, bright, insufferable, just as they wanted it to be. My eyes were burning, my hands shaking; anybody would behave in such a way, given the circumstances. An interrogation room is not a pleasant place to be.

“Ms Laken, I’m not going to tell you again, recite the events of the night, Wednesday 27th of November” Detective Field instructed. He was a man of a stern appearance; his square face never possessed a smile nor a glimmer of humanity. In his voice I sensed a breath of brutality or perhaps it was sheer power simply emerging in his speech; whatever it was, I didn’t like it. I paused for a moment, my last breath before I was to step into this ordeal, accept my role in the matter. I cherished a simple inhalation before complying with Detective Field’s request. “Yes Detective Field, such a night was definitely a night to remember.” I stepped into the ordeal, I accepted my role, now all is to follow are the consequences which are inevitably suspicions, questioning, trial, and sentence?

“Care to elaborate Ms Laken?” Detective Field teased sarcastically.

“Care to? No. Must I, of course. Well, the day started as usual, Hugh and I went our separate ways to work, Hugh by car and I by chauffer. The evening began when we came back from work. Yes, that’s when things really started to roll.” I retold. As I stopped for breath, a flash of that night darted across my eyes. A tear escaped from the brim of my watering lids and Detective Field hurried me along.

“Ms Laken, we haven’t all day. I respectfully ask you carry on then you may be dismissed.” Detective Field grunted.

“Very well, then. At around six ‘o’ clock I arrived home. Hugh was acting rather peculiar, he was jumpy, alert and smothered in lipstick marks. Sickly red marks scattered around his neck and opened collar. You see, Detective Field, I was scheduled to car pool with my colleagues straight to an employee birthday party. I was scheduled, but I cancelled due to a sudden headache. Hugh was expecting me back at eleven, yet I returned at six and caught him with my sister, Marie. Marie had escaped through the back door, but there was no hiding her green scarf presented by myself, and her mobile telephone. Hugh was blathering incoherently, he tried to make excuses. Without me saying a word he admitted his crime through his protests.” I sipped my cheap coffee from my Styrofoam cup, I was not thirsty nor did I particularity want to sip this vile drink, but habit brought hand to cup. Besides in the time it takes me to solemnly sip I can rest my voice and let my mind wonder.

“Ms Laken, I hate to bring up sensitive details, but I’m afraid it is unavoidable. Your husband was discovered at eleven at night, the forensic scientists reported he had been dead for six hours, at least. Six hours previous to eleven, is five ‘o’ clock, meaning your story is implausible.  So I conclude by announcing your crime of perjury. Ms Laken, I’m beginning to tire of your games. I’m to retire for the evening, we will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow tell the truth or I will have no choice but to submit you to a judge.”  Detective Field said in a gruff voice, then left.

 With the detective there are no goodbyes or hellos, just simple questioning, that’s one thing I appreciated about the detective, for once I didn’t have to make small talk.

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