Many things in life are a mystery, but the nature of human beings are the most mysterious of all. This is a murder investigation of the death of a rich business man. His wife is being interrogated; throughout secrets are discovered...


2. Cooperating

 Indeed I did lie of the evening of Hugh’s murder, for the sole purpose of protecting my status. I am respectable woman, know for my clean house, baking talents and hostess skills; know for my global warming prevention efforts and my charitable purse. News of scandal on my part would be top entertainment for all the other upper class residents. My truth is quite scandalous indeed. In actual fact it was I who was unfaithful to Hugh, I indulged myself in the comforts of Mr Hamlin. Hugh didn’t love me, nor did he pay the slightest ounce of attention to me. I was simply a trophy wife, but Mr Hamlin, Richard I called him, Richard was ever so comforting.

I look back on my last night with Hugh with great sadness. Though I was an unfaithful wife, all I desired was attention from Hugh. On that night Hugh discovered of my affair, he showed no anger or anguish, both emotions I had hoped for. No, he simply said “Don’t let the maids find out, you know how they gossip.” These few words sliced through what hope I had for our marriage. He cared not for me, and I had given up on trying to change that fact.

I was escorted to the police station in the morning. Back to that treacherous room, my heart was filled with trepidation the whole car ride there. I tried tirelessly to think up a story, but I couldn’t. I would have to expose my secrets. Either that or become a laughing stock in court, with the charge of perjury.

“So, Ms Laken you know what to do, but for the purposes of recording I’m going to repeat my instructions. Recite the events of the night, Wednesday 27th of November.” Detective Field instructed again.

“No coffee in a Styrofoam cup?” I chuckled.

“Ms Laken.” Detective Field called sternly, like a parent to a pesky child.

 “I apologise. If you are to understand the events of that day, I must tell you of events preceding that date.” I began

“Very well then.” The detective nodded.

“I was involved in a love affair with a Mr Hamlin. We had been in each other’s company for a month, when I decided to tell Hugh. I married Hugh aware of his wealth, but I had no inclination of his cold nature. Since our wedding Hugh has paid no appreciation, attention nor affection towards me. My affair was a cry for help. On the night of the murder I arrived home at two, Hugh was home for lunch. While sharing a meal I decided to tell him of my promiscuous activities for the past month. I hoped he would show some anger or signs of betrayal, but upon the news he simply said ‘Don’t let the maids find out, you know how they gossip’. This broke my heart. Then at three Hugh left, not a word more was said to me. That was the last time I saw him.” I finished my tale of woe, and waited in silence for further questions.

“Did Mr Laken tell you where he was heading to?” Detective Field inquired.

“No, but I assume he would have headed back to work. That was his usual routine.” I replied.

“Thank you, Ms Laken, that’s all I need from you for now.” Detective Field announced, as a guard began to lead me out.

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