Many things in life are a mystery, but the nature of human beings are the most mysterious of all. This is a murder investigation of the death of a rich business man. His wife is being interrogated; throughout secrets are discovered...


4. Confession

The next morning I was woken up to a start. Five police men and Detective Field stormed into my house. Whilst being handcuffed Detective Field recited “You are under arrest for the murder of Hugh Laken, you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in court...” As he went on my ears were blocked with a deafening silence, I remember nothing of my arrival to the jail cell.

“Ms Laken. Ms Laken! Wake up!” Called Gerry, Detective Field’s assistant. “It’s time for your interrogation.” I was groggy but I made my way to the far too familiar interrogation room.

“Sit down Ms Laken.” Detective Field cried.

“Due to significant evidence I’ve arrested you for the murder of your husband Mr Hugh...” Detective Field began. I interrupted him and cockily said “Yes, I know the name of my husband.” His face turned to a look of thunder, yet he kept his calm as he began explaining his findings.” You were the last person to have seen Mr Laken. Your were publicly unfaithful to him. The lawyer informed me of your husband’s request to terminate your inheritance from his will, aware of this you thought you’d kill him before he got the chance. Right?” Detective Field accused, as he slammed a fist on the table.

“Wrong. I didn’t plan to kill him. If he was to showed any anger or anguish when I told him I was having an affair, I wouldn’t have. But he didn’t, so all he was good for was his money, and I wasn’t even going to get that. So I slit his fat neck and penetrated his foul heart with a bullet.” I exclaimed.

After my a trial I was charged guilty and sentenced to life in prison. I don’t care, because I know he loved me. He cared that I was unfaithful, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have tried to change his will. He cared. He cared. He cared...


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