A proud moment

This story is about somone who had a proud moment, a memory which they will never forget about because they did something that was brave.


1. the beginning


There have been many times when I have been proud, but this one just made me even prouder. This proud moment happened when I was young in school, I never thought I had the guts to do it, but I actually stuck up for myself. I had enough of being the person people could just walk all over and bully but that day it stopped I couldn't take it any more, my school life was a misery and it was down to me to stop it. It all started, well I think it started because I didn't hang around with boys because I have more girl friends and just because I wasn't like them they thought it was okay to say a few words behind my back or even to my face because they knew I wouldn't say anything back. My friends and parents told me ignore it, I did try everyday

but it was just that day it really got to me. It felt like everyone hates me because everywhere I turned there was someone there to say something.

I had to go through some tough years in school, I pretty much spent most of my school life being bullied. Once I got to high school, it shifted more from being bullied to more being ignored. I always wondered and still do what it was like to have lots of friends. I can not begin to describe how wronged I felt after I graduated high school. Everywhere I looked, I saw people heading to university with lots of friends, great social skills, bright futures and I honestly felt my loss was their gain. How could people do that? Dumb down my experience and leave me in the dirt, while they move on in the good life? Don't these people ever get theirs, I would think? So I wasted a few years away, being ecstatic about making slightly above minimum wage and drinking away my money almost nightly. I went to school five days a week and everyday felt like hell, I just wanted a normal school life to be happy like everyone is, but it had to happen to me like I wasn't going through enough already at home. Even though everyone thinks just ignore them, they're idiots and you have got us but I jut wanted some boy mates just to chat to about boy stuff and I knew that wasn't going to happen any time soon. So there is me walking down the corridor in school and this boy was calling me names I just wanted to brake down in tears because I just wanted it all to stop because some days I actually have a great time in school, just wish them days were every day.

It was Friday that day and I was thinking to myself, “hurray its Friday!”, and today was that day I actually wish it ended, I was having a bad day and anyone that said something horrible I just took it to heart and that was when my heart rose up and I screamed at him, I told him exactly how I felt and everything he was saying to me and repeatedly asking him how he would feel if someone was constantly bullying him, I knew by the face he wouldn't like his school life being hell but from that day, I felt proud just to stand up for myself at least once in my life and especially when it had to be done. I went home that night with a big smile on my face, I walked into my house and my mum and dad just looked at me and said cheerfully “had a good day?” I started laughing a good day? I had an amazing day, I stood up to myself and now I am feeling proud, just because I didn't have a fight with him doesn't mean I am a coward. I didn't want to waste my time on someone who didn't have respect for me at the beginning and that is what I am going to be telling myself for the rest of my life. I did the right thing and tell him straight exactly how I felt about him in front of everyone, not only did my parents feel proud so did the boys and that was incredible.

Then suddenly, everything changed. Suddenly, I wasn't afraid of what people thought. I grew a pair of balls. I told people if I didn't like something. Then I learnt to fight, more self confidence came my way it felt amazing. I started to feel untouchable, more and more personal successes until I felt like I was standing on a mountain. A leader emerged from the years I felt were wasted (taken even?) I've never been happier in my whole life, The feeling is outstanding. I know go out and thinking to all my haters that its not my fault that people dis like me, just because I'm different and not someone who accepts bullying any more I've let it get to me once and that was the last.

I was aloud to have a life again with no bullies telling me what to do, it was such a great feeling I was getting in my body, nobody could describe exactly how I felt. I could start a career and get my grades what I needed to get when I was in high school and the best part was, I had boy friends just because I did that one thing and stood up for myself . I went out partying and passed my exams all thanks to my friends who supported me, I had a new life now which I thought I would never had.

I told everyone exactly how I felt about bullies and what happened to me when I was put in that situation, I understand that being bullied is horrible and upsetting, but everyone needs to concentrate on there grades because you shouldn't make the same mistake as I did when I was at that stage. I could never stand bullies, because they are so disrespectful to others. No matter where you go in the world there is always someone trying to put you down but I have always said life is always like a roller coaster with the ups and downs.

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