Curious Shadows

Rachel and April had been friends for almost ten years. But when a bunch of vampires suddenly decide to put an end to that friendship in a drastic way, Rachel makes choice to protect April in any way she can, from letting her make a terrible mistake.


2. Chapter Two

I had almost forgotten about the woman, when I spot her again across Aprils neighbors house. Just as I find my keys to my car, I find the sudden courage to go confront the woman. I drop my keys back into my bag, check for cars and walk up to the woman across the road.

“I’m going to be blunt here and just come out and ask why this is the third time I’m seeing you leaning against your car, observing or whatever. Or is it just coincidence?” She folds her arms, tilts her head back and laughs. “Run along, it’s none of your business, honey.”

She averts my gaze and sets it back to April’s house. “Actually it is. When you start following my best friend around and get her scared by talking about some weird shit, then you make it my business.” I fold my arms my arms in the same way. She’s a tad taller than me, so my original plan of staring her down until she spills the beans, isn’t going to work as well. She keeps her eyes on the house and sighs. “April is in danger. Something will happen that will change her life forever. She will be given a choice to change it, but I am here to make sure she doesn’t choose wrong.” “That...” I frown. “doesn’t make any sense. Like, at all. Do you always speak in riddles? Honestly, the whole creepy mysterious look and the riddles, it’s very good but-” I say raising my eyebrows. She looks at me sympathetically. She shuts her eyes for a few seconds. “Okay, the way I see it, I’m not going to be able to get you off my back very quickly, so you listen carefully!” she warns me. I straighten my posture, taken a back by her sudden change of heart. I didn’t think she’d cave in this easily. “Firstly, you can’t tell April any of this. Ever. Secondly, you can’t freak out, when I tell you this.” She looks at me for approval. I try keeping a straight face. “Go ahead.” I assure her. “April is part of a special bloodline. The first of her family were well, to put it clearly, they were vampires. Or rather, they are. Since vampires cannot have children, they figured they would be the only vampires from their bloodline. Unfortunately for them, one of the woman had a child before they were turned. She let the child live as a human, who had a family and so on. When the others eventually found out that their bloodline had been continued after all, they were left with a choice, turn them all, let them live, or get them to choose. So whenever a human of their bloodline turns 18, they pay that person a little visit. They bite them and leave them a letter explaining their options. Not everyone has chosen to turn, which would imply dying and then feeding on a human to complete the transition. But I’ve been keeping an eye on April and she reads all those vampire books and she’s totally in her own world. I’m afraid she might make the wrong the decision if she was given the choice.” I inhale, taking in all this information, not sure whether to believe her or not. “Okay, so hypothetically, if I were to believe you, tell me why you care so much. What’s it to you whether April becomes a-..a vampire.” She smiles wearily. “I’m her great-great-great grandmother, so to speak. I made the wrong choice. After I decides to become one of them, there was a test. Everyone’s test is different, but mine was horrible. Let’s just say, I almost didn’t make it through. And once I did, they didn’t ease up on me. They made me do horrible things. It took me a lot of courage and strength to stand up to them and get myself out of there. They might give you a choice to get in or not, but getting out their not to happy about.” She sighs. “I guess you could call it ‘bad family values’.” She laughs. I look back at Aprils house and get a shiver down my spine. She would believe every single word this woman’s saying. And she wouldn’t pass on being a part of it. She would do anything. She’s obsessed with the idea of vampires. She would leave behind everything and everyone she loves if she was told to. I can’t let that happen. April is the one of us with a plan. A very secure plan. She’s got life all figured out and she plans every minute of her life. Planning everything down to the tiniest bit. I won’t let some stupid family thing destroy that. I have to do something. She would never survive being a vampire. She can’t even survive dodge ball in PE. “When is this whole thing going to happen? Do you know the people who will um.. execute the plan?” “I know them, but I have no contact to them and most importantly, I cannot interfere. If they find out that April was warned, that she knows about them, there will be severe consequences, for her and me. Possibly others.” “So what, we just wait until she gets bitten and then you go and, what, talk to her?” I say frantically. She doesn’t answer. She stares at the floor. “Fine.” I snap. I walk back to Aprils house and ring the doorbell.

I wasn’t going to let 10 years of friendship going to go to waste. I am her best friend, which means that I would protect her with my life. So I figure, if they want to get to her, they’re going to have to get through me first. “I thought you left long ago.” she says letting me in. “Nah, was on the phone in the car.” I throw my jacket on the couch. “So I was thinking, since our parents are both gone...” I rub my hands together, as if to indicate an evil plan. “Nope. No way, Rachel. No house parties. I promised my parents I would keep this house perfect until they returned. They already think that you’re a bad influence and everything, do you really want to give them the satisfaction of being right?” she sits down on the couch and throws my jacket of the floor. “I meant a sleepover. Like we used to. Just movies, food, you and me. “ I suggest. She smiles and makes space for me on the couch.  After two episodes of our favorite shows and two pizzas, we just lay there giggling and reminiscing about old memories. “Hold that thought.” April says getting up from the couch. “I’m gonna get another blanket from upstairs, I’m absolutely freezing, be right back.” A few seconds later I hear the back door open and jerk my head around to see two big guys dressed all in black standing in the kitchen. “She’s not supposed to be here.” One man hisses. He’s not as tall as the other guy, but he looked equally strong. I jump up and walk around the couch. My heart is pounding and I’m not sure what to say or do. I just really hope April can’t find that blanket she’s looking for. “You should go.” I say as politely and steady as I can manage. The bigger guy takes a step forward and studies me carefully. “How do you know about us?” the first man asks. I opened my mouth to answer, but I was cut off by the taller man. “It doesn’t matter how she knows, just get rid of her.” he orders. My eyes widen and I step closer. “No!” I say loudly. “Excuse me? And who do you think you are?” the first smaller man clenches his fists. “Her sister.” I lie. It was the fastest thing I could come up with. “There is no sister.” the bigger man whispers. “Henry, are you sure?” the smaller man asks quietly. Henry doesn’t answer, he doesn’t even look at the other man. “It was kept a secret.” I continue. “I don’t know why. And I’m not about to find out. I have my family and she has hers. We are best friends, which is why I cannot let this happen. You will not go near her.” I warn. “Is that so.” Henry says calmly. “Yes. I come from the same bloodline, we are only one year apart. So, I guess I kind of qualify.” I take a deep breath. “I will take Aprils place.” I say calmly. The smaller guy laughes loudly, but stops as Henry touches his shoulder gently. “This is ridiculous, let’s just kill her and get this done with.” he says. I flinch as the guy starts to take a leap toward me. “Wait.” Henry says and looks me straight in the eye. That’s when I notice his eyes. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. They were pitch black. No color at all. It was cold and harsh to look at them. I felt cold and weak. “I accept your trade.” He finally says. The small guy jerks his head toward Henry. “What are you doing?” he hisses. “I give you a month to make your decision. To choose sides that is.” Henry turns around and slips out the back door. “You better be in town and easy to find when we come back.” The other guy points at me with a threatening look on his face and follows Henry out.

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