Curious Shadows

Rachel and April had been friends for almost ten years. But when a bunch of vampires suddenly decide to put an end to that friendship in a drastic way, Rachel makes choice to protect April in any way she can, from letting her make a terrible mistake.


3. Chapter Three

I exhale in relief and lean back against the couch. I can’t believe this just happened. I try taking in the possibility of all of this really just being a senior prank. But even this was a little bit far stretched for any one I know to come with. Plus, it would’ve taken a lot of effort to plan and effort is not something I have seen anyone put into anything. Ever. “Who are you talking to?” April asks tearing me out of my thoughts, walking into the room with a blanket wrapped around her and another one in her hands. “Rachel?” she asks looking at me in concern. I look around the room for an excuse. “TV.” I say quickly. She nods slowly, not sure wether to believe me or not and sits down on the couch. April is the most gullible person I have ever met. A part of me is scared of what just happened and another part is just happy that I was able to spare April from it. I jump at the sound of the doorbell chiming through the house. I look at April, who didn’t seem to notice and walk to the door. “What did you do?” the woman from before stands in front of me, hands on her hips and a shocking look on her face. “I saved my best friend.” I fold my arms across my chest, glancing over my shoulder at April. “And who are to demand answers? I don’t even know your name. And anyway, you can go now. April’s safe.” “Safe?” she huffs. “You didn’t save anyone. You just made things worse and complicated!” “I’ll be right back!” I shout and close the door behind me. “How did I make things worse? I took her place and I’m not going to throw my life away anytime soon. No one’s getting turned or killed or tested or whatever.” “How do you know?” She sits down on the porch steps. “No one is allowed to interfere, or there will be severe consequences. Didn’t you hear me before? And believe me or not, you just interfered.” I sit down next to her. “How do you know he will keep his word?” I replay the event in my mind. “You lied to them. You lied to them big. And they will find out eventually. And you think they’re just going to let this slide?” She looks at me. “You’ve made this into a game for them. A chase.” I shake my head in denial. “You’re just jealous because I solved something you couldn’t.” “They know now that you would do anything to keep her safe. To make sure she never finds out about this whole other world. They will use this. They will threaten and push until they get what they want or do what they came to do, so if someone’s in their way, they will work around them.” She explains. “There is nothing you can do to stop them. You are mere human. What do you think he’ll do, when he comes back for you in a month and you decide to stay human? They’ll leave, apologize for wasting your time and you’ll never see them again?” I sigh. “I hadn’t really thought about that.” I whisper. “Henry doesn’t like his time wasted.” “What do you want me to do? Run?” I ask. “No, they would just do something to make you come back. And you would just make the chase more fun for them.” She stands up, turns around and looks at me sympathetically. “You break off all contact with April.” I stare at her in horror. “Are you freaking crazy? What in hell makes you think I would agree to this?” I get up and walk past her. She grabs my arm and pulls me back around. “It’s the only way to keep her safe. You know you won’t be able to keep this from her. You can’t walk in tip toes around her. What if they ask you to do something for them? A favor? What are you going to tell her? ‘Gotta go, bye?’. I don’t think so. If you make her hate you, break off contact and get her not to care about you anymore, she’ll be safer.” She lets go of my arm and places her hands on her hips. “There has to be another way. I mean,... there’s got to be!” I feel my eyes burning and know I’m about to break down and cry. This is all so impossible to be happening in one day. And to me of all people. I have never gotten into much trouble. Not serious anyways. It was all good fun, always. I take a few deep breaths and try thinking of other options. After a few minutes I settle on the fact, that she might be right. “How will I even do that? She’ll know somethings up if I just stop talking to her. She’ll start blaming herself and go digging.” I try speaking in a calm tone, swallowing my tears. “You’ll have to gradually distance yourself. Find new friends. Do things with them you know April would never do. Make her parents think you’ve become a bad influence on her and they will do their part in keeping her away from you.” I nod agreeing. “I’ll get two of my friends to keep an eye on you and April. You could hang out with them instead of her. Pretend you were getting involved in some bad stuff with the new guys in school. That always works. She’s not going to want to be friends with new people, because she doesn’t know or trust them. Be the opposite of what she likes in you.” She takes a glance at her watch. “Go back inside, tell her your mom called, having a feeling you would get up to something stupid and wanting you to stay at home to ease her poor, worrying mind or something.” I look at her sarcastically. “That’s never going to work. April knows my mom would never call me and say that. My moms never even home to know me and what I would be able to get up to.” I smile slightly. “Just get out and get home!” She snaps. “I’ll have my friends waiting by the time you get there.” she turns to leave, punching a number into her phone in lightning speed. “You never told me your name and how do I know I can trust these friends of yours. I mean, aren’t they like you?” She turns around, holding her phone to her ear. “I’m Simone and you don’t. They’re vampires. They’re unpredictable. I don’t know them very well, but they owe me a favor, a big one. And doing this is better than what I originally had planned for them. You need all the protection you can get right now. If others hear how Henry kept a human alive for no good reason, they’ll want to see what’s so special about you. Also, when Henry comes back, he won’t be alone. And I doubt he’s going to let you just make another deal with him.” she says. “Fine, if it’s trust you want, you got it. Just promise me you’ll do everything you can to help.” I plead. “If they find out who you got your information about them from, they’ll make sure the source is found and killed. So it’s my neck on the line too, Rachel.” I nod and she walks back to her car, frantically talking into the phone.

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