Curious Shadows

Rachel and April had been friends for almost ten years. But when a bunch of vampires suddenly decide to put an end to that friendship in a drastic way, Rachel makes choice to protect April in any way she can, from letting her make a terrible mistake.


1. Chapter One

She stared at me in horror as I stood in the doorway, dressed in a shirt that was two sizes to big and boxer shorts, still half asleep.

“I don’t even recognize you anymore.” she folded her arms and examined me top to bottom.

“Well, April, it’s been a whole since our last sleepover, maybe it’s because I’m not wearing any make up.” I suggested, rubbing my eyes, leaning against the door frame. “Or maybe it’s because you have new friends and you’ve become a total bitch.” she huffed. “Ouch!” I say sarcastically.

I smiled, waiting for her to leave. “I’m guessing you don’t need a ride to school then.”

I yawned and looked at her with a blank expression. “Does it look like I’m dressed for school, April?”

She gritted her teeth and stomped to her car. I watched her drive off and waved after her sarcastically. I closed the door behind me, as I made my way to the kitchen. I ran my fingers through my hair, sighing.

I hated talking to April like that. I walked past the brown wooden stairs and the dining room, took a right into the kitchen and stopped at the sight of Ryan standing at the counter smiling.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked opening the fridge next to the back door. “Thought you might want breakfast.” He was next to me in a flash, grabbing three eggs and butter out my hands. I rolled my eyes. He bent down to grab a pan from the sink and placed it on the stove two counters away from the fridge.

I sat down at the counter he stood at a few moments ago. “I figured that after yesterday, you’d want to see me again.” he smiled, turning slightly to look at me.

“Honestly, I can’t remember anything that happened yesterday. Sorry.” He chuckled, cracking the first, then the second and then the third egg into the pan.

I knew exactly what happened last night, only I didn’t want him to know how much I regretted it. “I’ll wait until you remember. It’s just the hangover. You’ll start remembering it during the day.” “Can’t wait.” I lied, frowning at him, hoping the topic was over and he would never mention it again. “Toast?” he asked. I turned around and grabbed the bread form the shiny silver breadbox and slid two slices into the toaster next to it.

“Where’s Hannah?” I asked making he wouldn’t go back on the previous topic.

“Home, I think. She went home with some guy yesterday after the party and snuck in early this morning. I doubt she’s left the house.” I watched him take the pan off the hot plate and place it on another plate.

The toast popped out and Ryan was there in time to catch them in mid air. I sighed. I’ve known him for two weeks and during that time, he wouldn’t let me forget how he did everything better and faster than me.

He leaned over me and opened the drawer in the counter I was sitting at. I felt his arm brush against briefly and I flinched. He spread butter on both slices of toast, distributed the two eggs on them and set the plate in front of me with a “Voila!”.


I took a fork from the drawer in front of me and Ryan handed me the knife he used. “So, about yesterday…” he smiled leaning back on the stove. “I don’t want to talk about.” I said, taking another bite.

I figured, if my mouth was full, I couldn’t exactly talk. “You will have to eventually, you know that. There is no one to talk to besides me and Hannah. And you know, if you tell her, she will tell me. That’s just her nature.” “Just drop it!” I said loudly.

“I was drunk, I wasn’t thinking. I mean, you’re older, you should’ve known better. Even if you were drunk. I thought your kind can still keep a clear mind even if they’ve had one too many.” I continued eating, avoiding his gaze.

He threw his hands up in defense. “Enjoy your breakfast then, Rachel.” Ryan walked behind me and bent over so his face was right next to mine. “By the way,” he whispered. “I wasn’t drunk. And I’m pretty sure you were just a bit tipsy.” I felt his breath on the back of my neck and he stood up again.

I closed my eyes for a split second, not moving and when I opened them again, he was gone. I heard the door close gently. After getting dressed in a rush and applying a little make up, I hurried to my car and drove to school.


I had already half of first period and I knew my teacher wouldn’t be too happy if I missed her lesson for the third time in a row. “Rachel, so nice of you to join us.” Ms Fink said bitterly, pointing to my empty seat at the back right corner of the room. I felt April stare from the front grow bore into the back of my head. I acted like I didn’t care, when deep inside all I wanted to do was hug her so tightly until everything went back to how it used to be.

She didn;t understand why we weren’t friends anymore. Why I abandoned our 10 year friendship. And as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t tell her. Even if I were allowed to, I wouldn’t know how. But it all comes down to protecting her. If she did know why, I’m sure she’d understand. As soon as Ms Fink directed her attention back to the class and began talking about some monotonous author of this boring book, I dozed off, to two weeks ago…



“April!” I shout, swinging my backpack over my shoulder as I try and catch up to her. I grab her arm and spin her around, making her acknowledge me.

She smiles and her big blue eyes light up. “Who was that woman you were speaking to just now?” I ask a little bit out of breath. I point at the empty parking lot behind me, where a black SUV was parked just minutes ago, when she gives me a confused look.

“Oh, her!” she remembers. “I don’t know. She was very weird.” I frown. “Weird how?” The bell rings in the background, but as usual, April doesn’t notice anything going on around her unless told, so I continue. “Weird, as in: ‘I am an alien and I need help?’ or: ‘I am a relative you never knew about and I need to talk to you about a family secret?’” She laughs. “Nice, but no. She was talking about how I wasn’t to trust anyone and be careful and stuff. And she said it in a very creepy way.” I try thinking back to what I saw.

The woman had black her that grew slightly past her shoulders. She wore simple blue jeans, sneakers and a black jacket, with her hood pulled over her head, which covered most of her face from the side. I shake off the image of one of my suggestions being true.

After school April and I head back to my car, which I had to park around the block, due to lack of school parking spaces. Being seniors, you’d think the school would make sure there was actually space for all of them. Most of the seniors car pool anyway.

Just as I get into the car, I catch sight of that woman from before, leaning against her SUV at the other side of the street. She was too far away for me to make out her face. I convince myself of reading too much into this. For all I knew, she was some students family member, waiting to pick them up.

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