Life As Emilee

Emilee looks like the happy, fun-loving, average teenage girl. However...


1. Rise and Shine

I woke as a beem of light shone through the curtains and reached my eyes. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed to stand infront of the mirror. Still half asleep, I pried my eyes open in order to see the state I was in. It was an awful sight: my hair was all puffy; I had dark circles under my eyes and I had a gigantic spot just above my upper lip! This sight had soon jolted me awake. Quickly, I undressed and headed for the bathroom to have a well needed shower. Once done with my little business and brushing my teeth, I hurried to dry myself off before clothing myself in my uniform which consisted of: a white shirt; black school trousers; a purple striped tie; a distinct purple blazer, with the school logo evident on the chest-pocket and lastly a pair of black, finely polished lace-up shoes. My hair naturally being in long blonde waves, I did not feel the need to tamper with it. My face on the other hand, was a different story. With only fifteen minutes left before I had to be out of the door, I quickly retrieved my make-up bag from the draw in which it is kept and began applying it. I applied just a light coat of foundation, just enough to cover my new-found spot, followed by a light power and blush, but not so it was too evident or heavy. After that, just a light coat of mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes and finally a slight hint of lip balm: fruity! By now it was time to leave, there was no time for any breakfast, again, so I simply picked up my school bag and left the house to begin my venture to school.


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