Once Upon A Time...

He was poor, but hot! Accidentally he came to another world, but the world were full off fear... And danger.


3. To Travel Is Hard!

Mike walked after the signs. 'The Land Far Away. It is really far away,' he thought. Under the travel he kept thinking on his babysister, and his mother. He missed them. What are they doing? How are they? Do they get enough food? He kept asking him self the questions. Mike Was a traveller. A sad traveller.

Mike traveled for three days and three night. In the early morning, on the third day, did he arrive to The Land Far Away. There were big mountains, beautiful trees, a huge castle... Mike walked around on street for a few hours, and then he saw it. It was a big sign. He jumped up and down. He was excited. 'Every man how thinks he can beat the big dragon - Alxide - can try to do it tomorrow.' Mike ran to every man and woman on the street, and asked where he could find the big dragon, Alxide. But everybody answered, that they didn't knew it. Mike didn't belived it, so he ran up on the top of the bigest mountain in The Land Far Away. He came up on the top and saw a huge cave. Over it was there a sign: 'The big dragon Alxide's home - No others!' Mike lokked at it, and walked in to the cave.


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