Once Upon A Time...

He was poor, but hot! Accidentally he came to another world, but the world were full off fear... And danger.


4. Fight, Love & Live..

It was dark, inside the cave. Mike found a torch, so he could see. He stood face to face with the bigest dragon he ever had seen. Big, green, ugly. Mike was really scared! He thought he should die.

Mike beat the dragon. The dragon became angry and beat after Mike with his tale. The tale took Mike's legs, and he fell forward on the gruond. Mike pretended that he was dead, and the dragon belived it. Mike waited for a while, and when he got the chance he took it. He took a huge stick, there was laing on the ground, and beat the dragon in the head with it. The dragon fell. The dragon was dead.

Mike tied a rope around the dragon's legs, and pulled it out of the cave. Mike pulled the dragon down of the mountain, through the streets, and up to the castle. There were a lot of people in the courtyard, and when Mike came in became evrybody quiet - but just for a while. Everybody began cheering. Everybody were happy. But then came a ugly girl to him and said: "If you kiss me, I'll die for you." Mike stood and tried not to laugh, but then he thought: 'What the fuck?" and kissed her. She turned into a beautiful girl, with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Mike didn't belived his own eyes. He kissed her again, and well, yeah... They lived happy ever after.

The End.  


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