Once Upon A Time...

He was poor, but hot! Accidentally he came to another world, but the world were full off fear... And danger.


2. Everything Were Strange...

He woke up on a beach. He looked around. There were nothing. No trees, no water, no animals, no sounds. He was alone.

He walked around for hours, but he didn't meet anyone. He placed his buttom in the grass, and tried to find a path he could follow. He saw some footsteps. It was human footsteps, so he followed them.

He came to a little village. There were about fifteen people, and they all ran into their houses when they saw him. Mike shouted that they should come back, and that he wouldn't do them anything. But it didn't helped. They staied in their houses. He desided to talk to them, so he walked to their house. A little girl came out, but her parents said to her, that she should come back. But the little girl continued, so her mother had to come out of the house. Mike asked her why they were so scared of him. The woman said, that they were afraid of the dragon. Mike asked who the dragon was, and the woman answered, that the dragon is this worlds evil - and reckless - ceature. Mike got a feeling he never had before. He had it like Superman when someone were in danger. He needed to save them. They souldn't live in that misery. They didn't deserved that. Mike asked the woman were he could find the dragon, and the woman aswered that the dragon was on the top of the mountain in The Land Far Away.


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