Once Upon A Time...

He was poor, but hot! Accidentally he came to another world, but the world were full off fear... And danger.


1. Prolog.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Mike, in a poor village. Everybody in the village were poor, but very happy. Mike had a babysister and a mother. His father passed away many years ago. Mike was active, and he loved being outside, even if it were raining. But one day, when he was walking in the forest, he saw a pond. it was a very beautiful pond. The surface of the pond was shining like a thousand crystals. Mike looked at the ponds surface, and got a desire to drink some of det water. He leaned over the pond, but he lost his footing and fell forward into the pond. A current grabbed him and pulled him dawn. He tried to come up, but he ran out of air - everything became dark.

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