Joy. Happiness. Have you ever experienced the well known terms?
I have. Twice.


2. Then


Dear Diary, My name is Joy. Which is funny because I’ve only experienced it twice in my life. I’ve never been… a happy person. More ‘go with the flow' type. I’ve always been neutral, not sad nor happy. I'm invisible in a visible way. I have no striking personality, I'm just 

So, I was an orphan until I was eight. I hadn’t known any type of love, only the kind of friendship, some I shared with some of the other orphans. We had day-school together, but other than that I was somewhat a loner.

Then came the guardians Erica and Ben. After feeling unwanted for what then was my entire lifespan, it was amazing to meet such kind people. They took me right in, since they couldn’t conceive a child of their own. I was their daughter, and they were my parents. It was as simple as that. We bonded quickly and soon enough they truly were my family. I loved them so much. I couldn’t believe my luck. That was the first time I experienced the full effect of joy. After some while the feeling slowly faded away and I went back to normal. Of course I was a lot happier in general, but it wasn’t as ecstatic anymore. When you get used to something it simply becomes standard and suddenly it's and something that’s just there.

Eight years later and I'm still just going along. Like always. 

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