Joy. Happiness. Have you ever experienced the well known terms?
I have. Twice.


3. Now

Right now I am filled with joy. This is the second time I have truly felt the full effects of happiness. I’m lying in a beautiful green meadow surrounded by white flowers. The whole place is filled with life and sweet aromas, the effect magnified by the cerulean blue sky and the soft rays of sunshine that touch my back. A light breeze ruffles my hair. What a perfect moment. 

I’m here because I am waiting for him; Taylor. I arrived too early so I’m enjoying writing this, diary.

I remember the first time I met him. In February, when it was still cold. He started in my class, and everyone seemed to take interest in him. Of course they would, he was the new guy with dark hair, green eyes and a charming smile. But soon I knew he was different. He turned down invitations from the popular crowd to sit at their table, and instead walked in my direction to my utter confusion. We got to talking and I funnily we had a lot in common. He, too, hated the popular kids, because he had been bullied by people like that at his old school.

   It turned into an everyday routine. We would sit and talk, laugh and eat. No one would disturb us. It was nice to have a friend for once. Then one day he asked me out. Of course I said yes, nobody could resist that seductive smile. We had a wonderful time and soon enough we were going out. I didn’t understand why he liked me, I was just so utterly normal.

One day I summoned the courage to ask him. I remember it perfectly, like a snapshot seared into my mind. We were sitting in his car, parked by the local cinema in town. Absentmindedly I was scratching a hole in the cracked leather seats (this car was not of top quality, rather the contrary). I took a deep breath ignoring my pounding heart and blurted out:

"Why do you like me?" He looked confused, yet as if he were trying to supress a smile. And then he started laughing. I was getting really nervous at this point, and I think he noticed because his expression softened as he stared into my eyes. 

"Are you kidding me? Seriously Joy, what's not to love about you? Your smile, your eyes, your personality. I have never in my life met anyone as absolutely beautiful as you, inside and outside."

My cheeks flushed and I couldn't look him in the eyes. 

"Oh, stop it you. You must be lying." I almost started laughed, since he clearly is the flawless one of us.

"Why would I lie? You can have me tested. You're perfect, I swear to God." I saw in his eyes that he meant what he said. A warm feeling started spreading in my chest.
"Like, even sometimes I'll think of you and then I'm just... overwhelmed by affection. My heart starts to pound really fast, I can't see anything but your brown hair, your little cute nose-" 

"Oh shut up." I broke him off, with the biggest smile on my face, leaning toward him and kissed that beautiful face of his. He stroked my cheek and I tugged at his hair, my feelings for this boy completely taking over my body. I pulled slightly back and stared at his emerald green eyes. 

"I love you so damn much, Taylor Murdoch." He grinned and hugged his arms tightly around me.
"I could never in a million years explain how much I love you." He whispered in my ear. Tears started to well up in my eyes and I knew I was finally complete.

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