<My life : my choice >

i wrote these poems in the last two years while i was in school
so all suggestions regarding corrections are welcome
id love to get a feedback and wish to do a better job in future :)
i hope evrybody likes them


4. needs and wants

A child's wish


As i open my eyes i feel the change

something is special about this day.


You see me and you pass me by,

unaware of the ecstasy beaming my mind.


Seventeen long years have passed since we last met

well yes it is my birthday.

though you dont seem to have sensed that.


All my friends have done their part

                                                                      to cheer me up and push my gloom apart.


Later in the day atlast you give a call

and its not a wish just the same old remark

"what my dear you want me to bring for this time ?" ans "nothing" as usual is my reply like evrytime.


For ive learned not to ask what one can never give .

A hug filled with love , a little bit of cheer

a speck of your time so i know even i am dear

to you

But alas all in vain for you couldnt see

what exactly tormented me

you should have known your child

always needed thee




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