<My life : my choice >

i wrote these poems in the last two years while i was in school
so all suggestions regarding corrections are welcome
id love to get a feedback and wish to do a better job in future :)
i hope evrybody likes them


2. Letting go .....

My pain

You wanna know why right ? Why i had to do it?

I know you hate me ..... i know you don't care anymore...

but i aint bother ....... i am really not

for why should i lament for loss of something i never had ?

Ive know since long you never wanted me

then what difference it makes

if now hatred has crept in ?

you must me awaiting an explanation

although you dont deserve any i suggest

why should i explain myself to some one who hardly cares ??

you never appreciated my goodness

then why despise my when im gone wrong?

agreed that it was my fault

but i wasnt here the only one flawed !

you complain i never listen to you

but have you ever broken the strangles of your silence?

we have not talked for a long time now

like strangers inside the same house

your DEAR son was there always by my side

less like a brother and more like a friend

He held me when i was wrong

and took care when you wer'nt around

but all this while dad where were you?

No more shall i cross your path

i know ive hurt you and apologise too

you shattered me long ago

though you might havent wanted that

maybe its all i had to say

if not to you be it dis way

ive let go of all my pain inside

no longer is there any grudge inside

ive forgiven evrything

my dearest dad !


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