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i wrote these poems in the last two years while i was in school
so all suggestions regarding corrections are welcome
id love to get a feedback and wish to do a better job in future :)
i hope evrybody likes them


3. End of the beginning

Fare Thee Well


time is running , was what they always said

and all we thought was ; there's lot's more ahead

But now we see how true they were

for time seems to have run out of our hands

As today we stand here we see our destiny.

Memories from the past arise,

taking us all into a reprise.

Oh! it feels like yesterday

when we learnt our first lessons,

entered our first classes and chanted in unison.

but it all has changed

thirteen long years have gone by

Our very last year in school is here

within us which instills a strange fear.

Of losing all the precious times

dozing off in a class of history or

sneaking out tiffins in between lectures.

Of cursing on days of extra stays and

troubling teachers and whiling away.

Of crushes and heartbreaks and 

fights in corridors. Of gossips and surprise tests

Moments like pearls shall be cherished always

through the years to come in our memories.


Irony is what we today see

of which our elders always warned thee

the toddlers who rejoiced at the break of noon

for the school to end

Are crying today as the school hustle for them

from tomorrow shall forever end.

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