<My life : my choice >

i wrote these poems in the last two years while i was in school
so all suggestions regarding corrections are welcome
id love to get a feedback and wish to do a better job in future :)
i hope evrybody likes them


1. Free Bird

It's my life

A free bird,that's me no one can stop me

nor hold me back

my wings may be torn but i shall fly.

People may try to hold me back,

but nothing can now make me slack.

My freedom lies in my hands, I will breakfree,

and soar high.Up there

in the clear white sky.

Of clouds with a silver line.

The sun may set my wings ablaze ,

I dont care,I will go back.

Try breaking me a thousand times if you wish to.

But, you will see how it will all get back to you.

A free bird yes it's me flying high ,

as i had wished.

No force can hold me back now,

no wind can seize me down ever again.

I feel the wind on my blood stained wings,

but now it no longer pains.

The endless struggles, have made me stronger.

I have all I always wanted and no one can dare,

to take it away .

You see ive written my own destiny,

which you thought could never be.

So will all others...

Someday all your haters wil.

you can't hold them back you could'nt keep me

from flying high as i now touch the sky !


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