Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


9. 9.murderer


When I woke the first thing I saw was Stefan's perfect face. His amazing features. His god like lips. But his eyelids were closed, he must be asleep I told myself, instead of letting me see his mesmerizing eyes. I must of fell asleep in the woods and Stefan brought me back home I decided to myself. But it didn't really matter to me.Though I was a little disappointed that nothing had happened. Stefan was mine. It barley seemed fair to me that so many women had lived their lives without gazing upon this magnificent creature. And this creature belonged to me. I smiled to myself. It was still dark out side, not that that made any difference to my eyesight, so I decided to sleep for a little longer. But when sleep didn't come I just stared at the ceiling above me. But then a pale hand clasped around my mouth, cutting off my scream.  I was unable to do anything , to talk, figet, to scream. I was too paralized with fear to move. I finally found the face of my pursuer. Of course, how was I so stupid? It was Jack.He put a ghostly finger up to his lips for me to be quiet. Then he pointed towards Stefans still sleeping body. Above Stefans chest was a sharp wooden stake. He couldn't be that cruel? Though I still feared for Stefan's life. I had really under estimated Jack. I hadn't noticed before but jack had lent his head down to my ear and was whispering. "Its so easy to end a life you know. Just that one little move. If you don't make a sound and do as I tell you to do Stefan will be unharmed. Can you handle that?" I nodded, and he smiled. He took his hand from my mouth and indistinctly I went to protect Stefan. I gaped my whole torso in front of his chest.  Jack indicted for me to follow him so I did. I was still wearing the dress I had worn from our last hunting trip ,a little part of my brain assessed. I took just one last glance at Stefan and then followed Jack out the door. "You actually did what I told you to do." Jack said when we were downstairs. "You were going to hurt him." My voice was thick with fear.  " Your smarter than they give you credit for you know." Jack informed me, changing the subject. "You dont know me." I snapped back. " I know more than you think. c'mon I'll show you." Jack said and sauntered out the door, and so like the idiot I was I followed. We ran through the woods in silence. He didn't appear to be paying any attention to me. I was debating to myself whether I would be fast enough to get back to the house and wake up Stefan before he got there before me. " You do realize I'm faster than you. So don't try anything." He hissed guessing my plan. Was I that easy to read? After about ten minutes a light apeared then being followed by another one and another one. We were in town. This was where I lived. Midnight Veil. I had always found it a silly name but in the light of the moon I now understood the purpose of it. "You were murdered weren't you?" He asked abruptly. I nodded. " Your killers what do you feel when you think of them?" "Anger." I replied through my teeth. It was true. When I thought of those...things I seethed with anger. " Would you like to give them what you gave to you?" Why did Jack ask me these questions? Did I want to kill them? Did I? " Yes. Yes I do." It was like Stefan said. My emotions, my anger had all been heightened. The darkest part of my soul shone like the moon that glowed red in the horizon. It was obvious where they would be so I located the only bar I knew of and targeted my victams.  They were all there apart from that young boy. I didnt think he dezerved the punishment any way. He didnt do anything to me. He didnt dezerve to have his life ended like this. I thought through my plan in no time. It would be easy to lure them out of the bar. Then all I had to do was kill them. I wondered how they would enjoy the hunt this time when they were the prey. I smiled at that thought. What was whith me. I didnt want to be like this. I didnt want Stefan or anybody else to know what I was doing. But I knew if I didnt do it then Stefans life would end. Jack remained in the back ground watching my every move. He appeared to have ordered some kind of concoction  He nodded to me. I walked past the men at a fairly close distance. They smiled and decided to follow. This was going to be easy. I noticed Jack follow them from behind cutting off their exit. When we were a distance away from the bar I turned around to face them. " Its you!" The one wailed. "Its impossible. We killed you." The other one shrieked. "Guess again,boys." I joked and went in for my first kill.  It was Geoffrey. Good. He would be the first to leave the world. The others screamed and tried to make a run for it but Jack blocked their path.  "Oh. Leaving so soon, your not going any where." Jack tormented and grabbed his own kill. I  was thank full to Jack for stopping them. I wanted to finish this meal. It tasted like heaven. That didnt even describe it. It tasted so good. The animal blood now seemed like a joke to me. The animal blood tasted like poison compared to this. It tasted so sweet.How could the others not embrace this? When I finished with Geoffrey I noticed that there was many men left. Jack was fast when it came to this. I quickly snatched a fairly tall men that I recognised.And sent him to the place I had sent the others.  When I finished with him there was one more left. I made a move to grab him but Jack was faster. The man was too paralized whith fear to scream or run. "Wait.-" Jack told me"-  This is somthing you need to learn if you want to have fun. You have human blood in your system so you should be able to do this. Look deep into his eyes and tell him what you want him to do." I grabbed the man and focosed my gaze on his chocolate brown eyes and looked deep. " What is your name?"  Nothing happened. "No you've got to do it like this.-" He took the stranger and looked into his eyes like I had"- Do you have a weapon with you?" "Yes" The man answered simply but his voice sounded strange. He withdrew a small kitchen knife from his pocket. " Good. Now I want you to stab yourself near your heart and then on the tenth blow, you stab it into your heart." Jack said simply. He was a monster. I know that these people had killed me but I felt scared for this man. The man raised the knife high upove his chest and with one blow screamed in agony. I flinched away. I couldn't bear to watch this. I grabbed the knife out of his hand and gripped it hard on my own. I grabbed  him from behind and sunk my fangs into his neck. He shrieked with pain, but I was helping him. I was saving him from Jacks cruel ways. "Why did you do that?-" Jack asked when the body slumped to the ground"- I was having fun." "Your despicable." I spat back and of course he laughed. "Tell me, what is your definition of a party?" He asked abruptly. "I'm sorry?" I was surprised by his question. What did a party have to do with anything. " What is your definition of a party?"He asked again. " Um, well, my family and a few of my parents friends having dinner and discussing matters." That was my definition. "Do you want to see my definition? C'mon." He gestured back to the bar and all but dragged me back in. In side the music from the performers blasted into my ear. Men were gathered around a table where a arm wrestling match was commencing. People were dancing around the place generally making a fool of them selves. This was not a place I would step foot in. Most of the people were poor by the look of their run down clothes. I followed Jack to what looked like a bar. The bartender was overweight and wearing filthy clothes. Jack said something to him that I couldn't hear through the pounding music. The bartender gave him two large glasses filled to the brim of what looked like brandy. Jack handed one to me.  " Youre not going to make me drink that are you?" " What do you think your suppose to do with it?" Jack snapped back. " But thats disgusting. Its a vile drink that turns men into scoundrels." Jack grabbed my wrist with enough force to break a humans." Are you forgetting about our agreement?" He hissed through his teeth. " Drink it." I had forgotten. I had forgotten Stefan. I had forgotten the threat that Jack presented. I tore the drink from his hand a gulped it down. It tasted bitter but I ignored it. I noticed Jack chuckle at my reaction and sipped at his own. "Yes, I knew you would recall."  He said, still smiling.  I tried to ignore him but since that didnt work I tried to annoy him. I took his glass when he was about to put it to his own lips and gulped it down like I had the first.  "Jack, why does Stefan hate you?" The words left my lips before I could control it. "Why dont you ask Stefan? I'm sure his anwser is different to mine."  "Speakng of Stefan, when are you going to let ,me go home with out you hurting him?" I said impatiently. " I dont understand why you like him so much?"He teased. "Well not that its any of your business who I like, but I love Stefan.-" I knew I had to get that out,but I regretted it. I could tell he was hurt though I didnt know why.-" Are you jealous  Jack?"  "I will take you back to Stefan-" He said Ignoring my question."- after I've done this."  He took my chin in his hand ,making escape impossible, and put his lips to mine. I tried to pull away but his hand on the small of my back made it impossible to move an inch. I pushed my hands against his chest but he was too strong.  His grip on me tightened, so I gave up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and waited for it to end. This kiss felt different. When I kissed Stefan it felt soft and warm.But when I kissed Jack I felt like a strong warrior. When Jack eventually pulled away we were both gasping for air. He looked at me for a split second and leaned in again. So I gave him what he deserved. It was a hard slap. My hand stung with the pressure of the blow. His head went to the side so I made my escape. I ran faster than I had ever ran before. I could pick up our scents easily to the house. I couldnt hear him behind me, but I didnt slow. I had to get to Stefan. Stefan was my priority. When the house came into veiw I let out a sigh of relief. I couldn't find jacks scent so I must of beat him. I ran up to my room hoping that Stefan was alive. I all but fell through the door. Stefan was putting on a fresh white shirt when I knocked into him. "Hey. Where have you been?" He asked with worry. I couldn't tell him the truth. Not yet.  "I was just looking around the house. You were asleep and I didn't want to wake you."  Stefan debated and then decided to drop it. I pulled his lips down to mine with a sudden fearfulness and wrapped both my arms around his neck forcing him to be closer.  "Rose, what's got into you?" He murmured against my lips, pulling back slightly. "Shhh." And brought his lips back down to mine and this time he didnt refuse.
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