Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


8. 8.stranger


"Rose, go home and stay there." Stefan said and I gladly did what he asked. Well I got halfway.  I could still hear them though. I could hear Stefan's growls. I could hear the strangers calm breaths. "What are you doing back here Jack?" Stefan hissed.  " I missed my family." Replied the stranger, Jack. His voice was almost as beautiful as Stefan's. But was laced with sarcasm. If Stefan had the voice of God then this was the voice of the Devil. Both beautiful and evil. "You hate it here. There's nothing for you to do." Stefan objected. He didn't like this Jack person and neither did I. "Well, I think I may have found somthing interesting to keep me entertained." Jack joked. Stefan growled,"stay away from her."  "Whats wrong, are you afraid of a little competition?" He challenged. "There is no competiton" Stefan said and I thought. "Has she said that she loves you?" Stefan was silent. And Jack laughed. "You haven't won her yet, Stefan." Stefan had won. I had no idea who this stranger was, But he hated Stefan, so I hated the stranger. "Jack, I said stay away from her. Where ever you go people die." Stefan repeated. The anger burning in his voice, like the thirst that burned in mine. "Or what? What will you do Stefan? Weak little Stefan trying to beat me." Jack teased. "Stop it!"  Growled Stefan. " I take that as an invatation." " I said stop!"  There was a loud booming noise. I could hear tree branches snapping, making a noice like broken bones. I just hoped that theory wasn't correct. I drifted closer to a place behind a tree where I could see the scene. Jack had pinned Stefan to the ground on a pile of pine leaves. Jack had exposed a pair of long sharp fangs. "You should know better than try to fight me, Stefan. Now tell me how long has it been since you've had one drop of human blood?" "I'm not going to become a murderer like you!" Stefan yelled back. " Mayby I should teach you a lesson, so you will learn to never disobey me again." And he sank his fangs down into Stefan's neck. Stefan screamed in pain. Blood trickled down his neck. Jack was sucking his blood, he was killing him. I gasped and my cover was blown. Jacks head snapped up and his eyes met mine for a split second. He had found me. He knew that I'd seen everything.I was frozen in place, terrorfied for my life and for Stefan's, who's body was motionless on the ground. Jack smiled, revealing a full set of teeth trickling with blood, Stefan's blood. " If you'll excuse me Stefan. I have another errand I must complete." He got up and sauntered towards me, tormenting me with his smile. My eyes widened. And then I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I could hear him laughing from behind me, he was fast, so I needed to be faster. I could see the house lights. Good they were all home. I ran through the front door and into the main room where they all were waiting. They saw the expression on my face. "Rose, whats wrong? And where's Stefan?" Jack entered the room, and stopped behind me. I whirled around and bared my fangs at him and  growled. He had wiped Stefans blood off his mouth. Oh my God! Stefan!  "Rose! How can you be so rude?" Vera shouted at me. But I vaguely heard her. "Stefan." I said to my self. "Stefan!"  I shot back out side into the woods to find Stefan. " Jack! How long has it been! We apologise for Rose she's new you see. But I dont understand what got into her." I heard Demetri say. Apparently they liked Jack more than Stefan did. They even sounded... glad to see him. But I was beyond hearing them. I was too busy concentrating on Stefan. I found him in the same place Jack had left him. Blood ran down his neck, staining his white shirt into a crimson mess. His body jerked and he groaned. "Stefan? Stefan I'm here." " Rose, dont worry I'm fine." His voice sounded strained. "Well you dont sound it or look it." I bit into my wrist like I did last time. But instead I put it up to his mouth. He refused at first (that was somthing I needed to add to Stefan's personality, he didnt like to show weakness) but eventually he drank. It felt... good. I was nurturing him, helping him. I liked that. But apart from that it was like I could see into his sole. We were one. I couldn't understand why Stefan had found this painful? I could already see the difference in him. His color had regained its usually ivory skin tone instead of the sickly pasty colour. Most of his cuts had been sealed just revealing a trail of black blood. He pushed my wrist away but I wasnt ready for the moment to end. "Stefan, you need to drink. Your hurt."                                      "I'm fine." He was fine. His perfect voice had returned. "He hurt you." "He hurts everyone." Stefan said calmly. "Who is he?" I was set on finding the answer but it looked like Stefan wasn't going to tell me. It was silent from then on just the sound of our lips moving in sycroniation and the whistle of the wind. So I forgot about the stranger. I forgot about the rest of excistance. It was just me and Stefan left in the world. This was where I belonged. I was home.      
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