Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


7. 7.Vampire


When I thought Stefan had suffered enough, I went down stairs.Stefan took my hand and gave me a 'how could you' look and I gave him a 'sorry' look. Every one still continued to look at us whith worry. "Rose can we talk to you for a minute." Vera said pleasantly. I saw Stefan shake his head slightly  through the corner of my eye. "Shoot." I said warily. What ever they were about to say I knew it wasn't good. " Its with the issue of your parents and your family." "What about them?" "Its in the news paper about your death." "What?" I snatched the paper from the table and scanned through it.   Rose Peirce: Dead or alive?     Rose Peirce, daughter of bank owner, Edward Peirce, went missing on the 23rd of March. It is unknown of her whereabouts. The family are in mourning for the loss of their eldest daughter. Some witnesses have reported a massive pool of blood in one of the side walks and believe it to be the blood of Rose Peirce. One of Roses friends, Heather Smith reported that Rose was with her that evening at left around  8.30pm. Suspicion has rose on Heathers part of Roses abduction, but further investigation proved that she had an alliby for the time Rose went missing.   Blah blah blah.  Great I am officially missing. I was shocked to think that they suggested that Heather would try to murder me. "And what has this got to do whith my parents?" "It means... That you cant... Ever go back to them again." "What?" It felt like some one had kicked me in the stomach. I couldnt see my parents again.Never?  "Rose? Rose are you alright?" Stefan's eyes bored into my panic stricken face. I tore my hand away from his and dropped the newspaper almost tore in half. I shot up stairs feeling the tears sting in my eyes and flung my self on the bed. "Well that went well." Some one murmured from down stairs. "Shut up, Peter!" Stefan snapped. I felt my legs give out and I stuck my head into the pillow,staining it with salt water.     I sort of noticed when the sun was beginning to set. I heard a knock on my door and then footsteps approaching the bed. I felt the bed shift a little with the added weight. Stefan wrapped his arms around my bare shoulders and kissed my cheek. "Are you okay?" "Fine." I said sarcastic. "I know its hard, but it will pass." "How did you deal with it then?"  Stefan took in a deep breath,"my parents died when I was still young, I was alone." "I'm sorry. Did you not have any siblings?" "One that I would rather forget." I dropped the case of siblings. "So how did you become a vampire?" " I was stupid. I fell in love." Love? How could you become a vampire through love? "Who was she?" " Yvaine. Men courted her. Flourished her in gifts. But in the end, she chose me.She killed me." "How?" She couldn't literally kill him could she? "I found her whith someone else. It broke mt heart because everything she told me was a lie. Every kiss, every look was a lie.When I said she killed me it wasn't a figure of speech." "You mean you-" I couldn't finish the sentence. "I jumped off a cliff. I didn't know what I was thinking of. But then Demetri found me and changed me. He kept on telling me that things would change. But I was always thinking of her." His voice began to break near the end. I turned around to face him,"Stefan, I know she hurt you, but I would never do that. And that's a promise."  He pulled my mouth up to his and gladly I took the kiss. When it broke I yawned loudly making a very unflattering noice. Stefan chuckled when I turned over, hiding my face with embarrassment, and rested his head on my shoulder. I slowly drifted to sleep whith Stefans arms around me.   A knock on the door woke me and Stefan up. He quickly moved into my wardrobe and put a finger to his lips. The sun was up and  I heard a bird singing in the tree's. I licked my lips but then remembered the person at the door. "Um, come in." Vera stepped into the door wearing a very plain dress that my me feel sad.  "Rose have you seen Stefan?"  She folded her arms in a ' don't lie to me' gesture. "No, I haven't." Stefan obviously didn't want to be found. " Rose, you wreak of his scent so don't lie to me." " I already told you I don't know." I said through my teeth. Vera narrowed her eyes but decided to drop it. "Anyway, when your decent would you come down stairs please? We need to talk to you about something." I gave her a fake smile and she walked out the door slamming it behing her. I pulled a face when she left and heard Stefan laugh behind me. I turned to him. "Is she like that whith everyone?" " Your fresh meat she needs to make sure your in order."  "And how are you going to keep me in order?" He suantered towards me and gave me one of those kisses that made me tingle from head to foot. When I finally got dressed and headed down stairs I felt every one giving an awkward stare. I sat by Stefan, who had decided to go down early so we wouldn't anger Vera. "You wanted to talk to me?" My voice was harsh. "Yes, there are some things you dont know about vampires." "Like what?" Stefan's arm circirled my waist. It felt a restraint,great this wasn't going to be good. "When you turn into a vampire every thing changes. You mind, emotions, looks, your thoughts everything." Demetri said calmly. " Yeah and your teeth." Peter interjected. He made a little clicking noise and revealed a full set of ordinary pearl teeth and then I saw it.The two canines had grown twice their size right before my eyes. They became a pair of gleaming sharp pincers. Vera gave him a disproving look and I smiled.Stefan shook at my side with laughter. "Anyway. When you were changed my blood ran through your system." "So what else?" "You need to know our weaknesses and our enemies. Stefan has already told you about how you were created." I nodded even though it wasn't a question and braced myself for the history of my kind.   When night fell I thought my brain was going to explode with information. Every story. Every myth was true. Vampires, phantoms, werewolves( which of course were our sworn enemies) Demetri had said,"If you ever see one never aproach it. Run. And run fast." I shudderd at that.  "Weaknesses. Stakes. But they have to be real. It cant be any ordinary bit of wood, it has to be real. And it has to hit you directly in the heart to kill you, any other place will just injure unless its not removed instantly." "What about holy water or crosses?" That always worked in the stories. "Crosses dont work, its just one of those objects that made the humans think they had a chance against us. Holy water burns the skin. It eats away at it , its a very painful experience."  "Slayers?" They all hissed. Oh, well that's new.   I ended up curled on Stefan's lap clutching my throat, while hissing under my breath.  "Do you need some blood?" Demetri questioned.  I nodded slowly, not trusting my voice. He came back from another room carrying a glass of blood. My lips felt num whith hunger. The thirst was the worst, its like a black-hole that takes over your mind.  "As you get older the less you need it."  I took the little drop of heaven in my snowy hands and spilled the blood in my mouth.  That was when I spat it back out. It sprayed out of my mouth covering Demetri and Vera in blood.  "Ugh, What is in that?"  Peter and Stefan burst out into laughter,a sound that angels sang.  "Oh my god. Im so sorry." Vera and Demetri stalked up stairs and we all shook with laughter "Is Demetri trying to poision me or something? That stuff tastes awful."  Stefan took a sip of it and grimaced,"old blood. It tastes bad compared to new blood." "Congratulation! Demetri accepts you!" Peter snorted. "Well I'm going to get some real blood. Any one coming?"  "I need to make sure they aren't planning to murder you, so I'll pass." Peter shot upstairs leaving me and Stefan alone.  "Come on. Before Demetri plans his revenge." Stefan said it whith a fake Transylvania accent that made me laugh.  It was pitch black out side and the cold wind blew around my face.It was when I knew something was going to happen. The colours of night turned into amber and gold. I could see just as clear as before. I could see every tree, leaf, fly.  "Race you." I said playfully to Stefan and bolted like an arrow.  I heard him laugh behing me and I giggled. The feeling to run. It made me feel like a mighty bird soaring above the earth. I fell a step behind giving Stefan a chance to grab me around the waist to stop me. He kissed me and whisperd in my ear, "I win." "Cheater." I replied as he kissed my neck.  The crunch of a leaf pulled Stefan away from me.  The shadow billowed towards us. A black murky shape that chased the darkness. Black clothes, black cape, black hair. Pearly white teeth shone under the hood that surrounded most of his face.  The hood fell loose around the mans shoulders and I met a pair of big black eyes. It was a fallen angel. The Devils angel.   It spoke just two words. "Hello,brother."  
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