Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


5. 5.Hunt


Four pairs of eyes gazed at me in both wonder and astonishment.Did they know that I heard them? I could of been looking  at statues for all I Knew. They were speechless. I peeped a look at Stefan, he was staring at me. I must of done a good job. "Good morning." I said to be polite. Ugh my voice. Vera was slowly blinking her way out of the trance. "Good morning, Rose. I hope you slept well." She nodded to the seat opposit to her. I strolled towards it and sat. Demetri and the honey boy had recovered from their gaze, but Stefan was still staring at me. I didnt really mind though, I rarther enjoyd the fact that he was staring. "Yes, thank you." Oh, my throat. It was on fire again. My hand cluched at it in pain. Demetri was quick to pick up what was wrong. "Are you thirsty -" I nodded"- I will go and get you some blood to-" "Demetri-" Stefan inturrupted Demetri with a pleasent tone but I could tell it took some restrain to put it there-" dont you think she should start hunting soon. She cant keep taking the donated blood."  Donated blood? What did he mean donated blood? But then what did he mean by hunting. My farther talked about hunting, how they would shoot the animals and bring them back for the servents to cook. I had always flinched when my farther talked about this subject. And he picked that up rarther quickly, so he stopped saying it infront of me and my sister as she had the same rection. " We are letting her take it easy for a while. She will hunt when she is ready. You are forgetting that she is only new ,Stefan. And after all, who will train her?" Demetri replied calmly.  The question at the end puzzeled me. Train her? They made it sound like I was a dog. It sounded like Demetri put in the question in on purpose though. Even now I could see his lips slightly pulling up in the corners. The question was meant to be retorical but Stefan answered anyway. " I would." Stefan said.  I tried my best from not jumping out of my seat. This is what I had been waiting for. Hopfully this 'hunting' would mean that I could at least talk to Stefan. Talking to Stefan. Having a conversation whith him. I craved this expeirence more than I did the blood. But that only lasted for a split second. I grabbed my throat again. Hoping that they wouldnt notice me. They might make me take the blood instead if it was quicker and leave the hunting trip to another day, and by that point someone else would agree to take me. Vera knew how to settle this."Why dont we just let her decide? Rose, what would you like to do?" Every ones eyes snapped up to look at me. I carfully weighed my options. Alone time with Stefan. Time with everyone else where i'd be the center of attention. Decisions, decisions. "I wouldnt mind trying to hunt. What ever it is." I tried to keep my voice calm , hiding the exitment in my  voice.  Everything was going swimmingly until Vera had to ruin it. " Peter will you be going you have'nt hunted for a while" No, please no. Please dont.I was begging in my head. "No. I'm good for a while." Thank you. Thank you... Peter that was it. "What is hunting?" My voice said without my permission. "Stefan will show you." Demetri said and Stefan rose to his feet and out the door without a word.Vera nodded so I eagerly followed after him. I had never noticed my surroundings before, it was beautiful. I could her a small waterfall and the birds chirping away in the trees. In front of me was a hustle of trees that led to a wood by the look of it. Stefan went through the trees where I couldnt see him.I Pushed my way through the thick trees and stopped dead. It was beautiful. It was a large meadow. With flowers of the rainbow, growing in the green grass.Sunlight beams hit the meadow making everything shine. In the middle of the large meadow was stefan. I strode towards him without admiring the beauty around me. Both the flowers and Stefan. As I got to where he stood the figure vanished out of thin air. I heard a chuckle near the tree's and whirled around to see a blur of black. I heard the chuckle again but this time it came from behind me. I jerked around hoping to see more than the flurry of black. He was standing right behind me, but I hadnt realised how close. We were almost touching. I felt to urge to touch his controlled face. To feel the softness or his hair. To touch his lips with my- No! I couldnt let my imagination get the best of me. It will be a reality soon. I just had to be patient. I had never wanted someone like I wanted Stefan. I was being selfish. I was in love. To break the silence, I asked the only thing that I could manage to slip throgh my teeth. It was like when I was on fire, trying to stop myself from screaming, but in this case I was trying not to say anything stupid. "H- how did you do that." I stutterd.  He smiled a breath taking smile. "Its easy. Just run." I saw my face reflected in his jewel like eyes. It looked worried. Unsure. He must of noticed that to he nodded and changed him smile into one of comfort. And so I ran. It felt amazing I could feel the wind in my hair. Smell each individual scent as I ran past. Even though I was going at a speed lightning I could still see everything. Clear as crystel. I circeled Stefan looking at him from all angles, lingering on his face. He was one-hundred percent perfect. I let a giggle slip past my guard. I stopped behind him like he did with me. I could smell his amazing scent, to perfect to put into words. He smelled better than my mothers expensive perfume from France. Stefan didnt say anything at first. It was an unusual silence, where you dont know what to say. His mouth trembeled but he managed to let the words escape. "Well your fast. So you should be good at hunting. Which is good because I hear somthing coming this way, Watch what I do and then copy when another animal comes along."  I strained my ears to hear what he could hear. I heard the faint running of paws. And the heavy breathing of the creture.The wind was blowing in the wrong direction so I couldnt catch the scent of what ever it was.  Out of no where a massive bear jumped out from the darkness. It was comng straight for me. Its eyes were locked on mine. Stefan ran towards it braced for the impact of the hit. But the winds direction changed.  I could smell the heat pulsing through the bears body. I could hear the uneven beat of its pulse. I could smell the blood running through its veins. The warmth of fresh blood. My throat couldnt stand it any more. I snapped. I ran towards the bear ignoring the warnings Stefan gave me. I lunged for its throat. I hit a main vein making the blood flow into my mouth.  The bear yowled in pain, falling on to the floor. But this bear was a fighter it wasnt giving up though it was on the blinck of death. It beared its teeth at me and I did the same letting a hiss skip through ny control.I bit down again this time on the wind pipe, cutting of the growels. The bear was finished. It made a gurgling noise befor slumping to the floor.  The blood ran dry. But my throat still burned. I had just drank the blood of a whole bear and I was still thirsty. How was that even possible. Until that moment I had forgot about Stefan. He was perched on a near by rock, next to a small stream. watching with, fear? His eyes wide. I strode towards him, but his eyes didnt refocus. "Stefan? Stefan? Stefan im sorry I coudnt help it, I snapped." His eyes fluttered as he came back to the present.  I sniffed at the air I could smell somthing. It was coming from Stefans arm. I located a rip in his shirt exposing his chalky skin. Running down his arm from there was a flow of blood, but it wasnt red? It was black? I very carefully put my hand  under his arm and pulled it up so I could see more closley. He flinched as I touched his arm but that didnt stop me. "Your hurt?" I said in a soft voice.  He grimaced." Its just a scratch." "Why is the blood black?" I asked the curiosity burning behind my composed face. "Our kind, we have black blood. Its the thing that Demetri gave you when you change. It cures things. I you have a illness, drink some vampire blood and you will feel better. If you have a cut then put blood on it and it will heal. The one flaw is that if you get hurt, if one of our kind gets hurt then our own blood doesnt repair its self. Yoe need some one else's blood."  He needed blood? He was giving me little hints. I had no idea what to do so I took the best guess. I bit my wrist feeling a little sting but then it faded. I put it up to his arm and waited. "Rose you dont have to-" It was the second time he had said my name. He said it differently to the other time, it sounded different to the way everyone else said it. But I couldn't understand how it sounded different. He made it sound naturel. Like he had said it a thousand times.   "I want to help." I interrupted. I could feel my blood winding its way into his . Combining into one. I could feel somthing. A feint presence of joy. I felt a glowing. I wonder if he felt it too? I felt happy. I was helping him. Nurturing him.  But of course Stefan had to ruin that moment. "Okay. I think that enough now." He pulled his arm away. I looked at my wrist. It was the same pale beautiful marble like skin it was before, no sighns of there ever being a bite mark threre.  "Why do you hate me?" I was meant to think but it came out of my lips. " I dont hate you." He sounded surprised. Like the qestion I asked him was insulting. "Yes you do.-" I was arguing with him "- From the first time you said my name. The first time you saw me lying on that table. I heard you during the change how you said my name. And whan you were talking to Demetri this morning-" I had a full speech in my head, but my lips were preocupied. He had bent his head down to my height and very carefully put his lips on mine. They felt more amazing than they looked. His lips fit mine like a puzzle peice. It was indescribable.  He pulled his head back to end the kiss, but I lent up and pulled his lips back down to mine. I wouldn't let this moment end. It was far better than the time I had tasted blood for the first time. It was even more perfect than the time I had heard his perfect voice. This was my description of heaven. His hands on my cheeks. My hands around his neck, one knotting in his hair. I was complete. I was home. I was with Stefan. It could of been hours, days, weeks or months, when we finally pulled away from each other. At that moment I was incomplete. I was an unfinished puzzle. " I dont hate you." He said chuckling. I smiled, but I still wanted to know the truth. "But then why-?" " I said those things because I was mad. You other heard me and Demetri talking-" I grimaced at his understatement-" about being followed. It was me I followed you.I saw your face and it reminded me of someone I use to know. But you nothing like that person. I kept following you because I had grown to care for you. I wanted to make sure that you didnt get hurt because... I love you." I was taken back, the many times I thought he hated me he had actually loved me.He loved me. I loved him. But only one thing troubled me. "If you were watching me, then how come you didnt see me when... well that night?" He understood what I meant. "Because you were human I couldn't be around you for very long without hunting. That's the one problem with being a vampire. The only thing that stops humanity. The everlasting thirst for blood. I was hunting with Peter that night. Demeri was in town at the time and he heard you screaming and he smelled the blood." He forced his teeth the move for the last sentence. He didnt like the fact that I was in pain.  " When you become a vampire-" He continued quickly-" all of your emotions and instincs are raised. Every part of anger that was in you became heightened. There is one good thing  to being a vampire though. You can make one very importent choice all by yourself. There are bad parts to being a vampire and there are good parts its your choice what you want to be. We choose to be the good parts. We don't hunt humans, when we changed Demetri showed us how to restrain the thirst. How to walk with humans.  "But not every one chooses to be good. I knew one vampire who shut off his humanity all together. He is now the dark cold hearted being that walks the earth. I presume you've heard of Jack the ripper?" " You mean that he was a vampire?" I managed to suffice a whisper.  "There was a reason they never caught him." He answered simply It was quiet for a long moment until he spoke again. "Are you still thirsty?" I nodded " Good because I hear a herd of deer coming this way." I glided into formation braced for the kill.                                  
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