Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


4. 4.Blood


I stared at the perfecly pollished beamed ceiling above me.At the little scrapes and cuts where the wood had been marked. Was this all real, could I really be a -it took me a moment to think the next word- vampire? I couldnt be? But some how I was still alive. I had been attacked. But I felt fine. Apart from my throat it felt so dry it was on fire. I jolted upright on the table, disorientated by the vampire moving towards me. They were so beautiful, it was inconceivable.They all had chalky skin,This made their other features stand out like the colour in their eyes. Or the glossy silk that was their hair. Or their lips, the beautiful carved lips. I recognised Demetri. His dark hair and his dark eyes. But I had never seen him fully.But when I did I gasped with amazement. He was even more beautiful. The other man- well young man- looked just as beautiful. His hair was a honey gold. And his eyes matched it perfectly.Beautiful as he was this wasnt the voice, I was positive about that. The woman in the corner looked older than me. She looked about 26. But that had no effect on her apperence. She was beautiful as well, her hazel nut curls fitting around her heart shape face. Vera. I knew that was her name because apart from me she was the only female in the room. The only person missing was the voice. But he was no where to be seen. So where had he gone? "Rose? How do you feel?" Demetri had my attention at once. My head whipped around to meet his eyes.He was making his voice as calm and gentle as he could, but it wasn't working on me.I wouldnt be relaxed until I found the voice. "How am I suppose to feel?" That was my genius answer.Demetri chuckled at my response. My voice sounded like a chorus of bells. "Is it true am I really a vampire?" I said the word without hesitation this time. "Yes. Yes it is true." "Tell me." I wasn't sure what else there was to say. I prepared my self for what was coming. But my throat ripped into flames. I grabbed my throat in a reflex. "Drink it will make you feel better." The honey boy said, speaking for the first time. He passed me a glass with a dark red liquid in it. "What is it?" There was a pause of hesitation from everyone in the room. They all stared at me. What was so bad with my question? Then it all clicked together. How could I of been so stupid? I was a vampire. I paid enough attention to all my stories to know the answer.Before any one could say anything I answered my own question with one simple word. "Blood." The fire was screaming at me.If this is what it takes to get rid of it then so be it. I drank obediently. It tasted amazing. It tasted better than an ice cold drink on a hot day. It quenched the burning in my throat. It wasnt until the blood ran dry that I realised how thirsty I was. Vera anded me another cup of blood and smiled. I heard footsteps approching the room I was in. A young man of my age walked into the room. Three pairs of eyes followed my stare - no my gaze- he was indescribable. The word beautiful would of been rudeness to describe him with.He was better than beatiful. Demetri may have been carved from God, but this person was God. But he didnt look at me the same way I looked at him. Instead he looked at me in disgust, and then stormed out the room.  Demetri and the honey boy went after him, but Vera stayed with me.She was still smiling at me. Had she not just seen what had happened? "Sorry about Stefan." Stefan. The name rang in my ears. Finally a name to go with the God like being. " I'll show you yo you room.You must be tired?" If I was being honest I was tired. But I didnt want to sleep. I wanted to see Stefan. But since I wasnt going to ask Vera that, I followed her. After following Vera up two flights of stairs we finally reached a dark hall way. She indicated to the room at the very end of the hall. "Thats your room. Just rest and we will tell you about everthing in the morning." "Thank you Vera." I replied though it sounded nothing like me. Maybe it will change in the morning? I hoped. "Your welcome Rose. Goodnnight" She said and gracefully vanished into the darkness of the long hall. "Goodnight" I said after she had left.If her hearing was as good as mine she should of been able to hear. I walked into the room. Around the Elephant size bed were candles lighting the way. I blew them out one by one and all but fell on to the soft  king size bed.    Stefan starred in my dreams. His God like figures pale in the moonlight.His hair was spiked up in a way I had never seen before, in a parade of brown. He was beautiful. He was like me, unique in our own way. I didn't copy what people did because they copied me. Even though I didn't know him, I felt that in that split second that our eyes met that I could see his sole. I saw beyond the beauty.    I saw the person I was destined to love. And I did love him. He would love me. I wouldn't take no for an answer. He would be mine even if it killed me.That is if I could die in this life. But the only problem to my plan was that he didnt love me. He wuoldnt even look at me. How on Earth was I going to talk to him if he wouldnt talk back to me? But of that didnt matter. He will love me. I will be the person he chooses. I will be his. When I woke up it felt odd. There was a stiffness and a slight ache. My throat was on fire again. How could I of still been thirsty? I must of drank over a gallon last night. Blood. That was what I needed, I'll ask Vera for some. Vera I could tell was a very good person. She was kind to me, even though I was a stranger in her home. And yet she welcomed me with open arms, like I was her daughter or somthing. I jolted upright on the bed. What was with me last night? I had been almost murdered. And then out of the bloom was this angel like creature, running with speed that made me dizzy. A bunch of strangers were telling me that I was a vampire. And without worry I talked to them and fell asleep in a strangers house without worry of what they might do to me. What would my mother thing of me? But the only reason I wasn't screaming and running in fear was the one thing that mattered to me now. Stefan. He was keeping me afloat. He was keeping me from falling to my deaths. The room I was in was white. white floor,walls,furniture. The bed looked like a fluffy cloud. In fact so did every thing. Clouds on a perfect sunny day. In the center of one of the main walls was my bed. The bed was huge if it had been in my room at home I would of had no room to move. But then again this room was big enough that I could of fitted  about twenty of the things. I opened the canopy curtains around me, feeling the smoothness of the fabric, and carefully stepped out. I was suprised to see that where my head had been that there wasnt one drop of blood on the perfect cloud. I looked at myself dazed in visions of Stefan. I was still waering my blood stained dress from last night. My hair felt like a haystack.Where the blood had dried in-which was practicably all of it- felt hard to touch. Every surface of my skin was covered in blood. No wonder Stefan didn't want to look at me I thought absent mindedly. For once Rose Peirce was a mess. I walked throgh the arch way to what looked like a dressing area. And of course it was white. In the corner of the room was a grand dressing table with a fanned out mirror. Good I would be able to see how bad my face and hair looked for myself. On the dresser was a note from Vera. Dear Rose, will you please wear this braclet as it protects you from the sun. Like I promised everything will be explained. Vera. Vera had writing of royalty. Its gracfull posture made it stand out. I had been working for months to perfect my handwriting, but it didn't compare to this. The paper was haevy and expensive. It was what I expected from my kind of upbringing. On the desk was a beatiful bracelet. It was two ringed and in the middle was a huge dimond. I couldnt identify the dimond because I had never seen it before. I put it on eager to see how it looked. As soon at it was on my wrist the clear dimond turned red. It now looked like a red ruby. I puzzeled over it for a while wondering how it changed color, but then I remembered that I was a vampire. I should get used to seeing things like this. Thing of impossibility. I was impossible. I explored the rest of the room noticing for the first time the amount of clothes that were around me. There were more clothes here than there was in my favorite dress shop,marina dimond named after the French maiden who owned it. Every colour possible was hanging on the rail that streched its way on the walls around the room. Every item was beautiful. I had never seen more elagent looking dresses. With out stopping to admire the dresses, I locked my eyes on a pair of open double doors and  marched through them without a seconed thought. This wasn't a room this was a house.  Through the doors was a bathroom, this was what I was looking for. Inside was what looked like a bath. But it was built into the ground and it was big enough to be a small swimming pool. I looked around for soap and things for my hair. I found them in a white cupboard filled with products. I ran the water and of course it ran warm.  Who were these people. My family were the richest in town and yet none of the features of our house could compete with this.  I stepped in the bath, the swimming pool description fit. It was deep because my feet only just touched th bottom. I could of swam in this if I wanted to.The water was turning into a sickly looking red colour from my hair. Instead of a bath filled with water it looked like a pool of blood. I noticed that all the cuts and bruises that I should of had were gone. My skin was a pale snowy white. It felt soft, like silk. When I was clean and dry I went to decide what to wear with an eagerness that wouldn't fade. I chose a short one peice white dress that had a black line running down the middle. I had never worn anything with a short cut like this. My mother would be furious if she saw me wearing something that only came down to above my knees. Was I being too daring?  The whole reason I was wearing this was because I wanted to impress Stefan, to get him to notice me. I had never had to do that. Never. The men always came to me. I never had to try to get their attention. What was wrong with Stefan? Why didnt he gasp at the sight of me? But it didn't matter I would see his expression now that I wasn't in the state I was last night. On the other side of the room was a rack of shoes. I found a pair of white heals with a black toe and a dimond shape pattern running down the side.  I went back into the bathroom and found a full sized mirror. I gasped in a mixture of fear, surprised, shock and pure amazement. In the mirror was a stranger. I didnt know who it was. It wasnt me that was for sure.  This beautiful creature was not me. Her chalky skin.Her brilliant hair almost glowing in the light of the sun. Her figure was perfect. She was perfect , except for one tiny detail, the eyes. Her eyes were red. The same color as her hair. But that didnt matter. I was looking at the tiniest details to find some flaw to the perfection. I couldnt find any. Even the eyelashes. The eyelashes were a shade of black but they were longer than mine. The eyelids were a golden shade. The lips, the lips were indescribable.No words could explain them. I raised my hand and the woman copied my action. It must of been me. No, it had to be. I Found my features buried in her face. My hair was there. It was impossible that Stefan could resist this. That thought made me smile.  I shrank down to the floor.I am ready. I am ready. I chanted to myself. What was wrong with me? Why was I being such a coward? Everything was going to be fine. I picked myself up off the floor and marched my way out of my room. The corridor lit up now so I was able to see where I was walking. I went down the stairs to find the voices I was searching for. I paused outside the door. It sounded like they were having an argument. "Why do you have to be so stubborn Stefan?" Demetri asked. He was arguing with Stefan. Curious, I listend on. "You knew how I felt"  Stefan replied. "You've taken away her soul.Rose, could of had a life!" They were talking about me? Why did Stefan care about my life?  "A life where she was followed?" What did he mean followed? Who followed me? I had had it. I was going to get the answer for myself.I held my breath and walked in to face the eyes of fate.  
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