Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


3. 3.Burning in ice


When my eyes flashed open, I was in a brightly lit room. My body jerked was jerking on the cold, silver table that I was now resting on. A wailing scream escaped out of my tightly shut teeth, and when it hit my ears it sounded like a scream of pain. Keep my eyes shut I told myself, that way  I wouldnt have to see what was hapening. What had happened to me during my 'black out'? Am I supposed to be in heaven? Well that I could answer my self. This was no where near heaven, I was in too much pain for it to be heaven.                                                                                                                                            A voice called out to me then. "Dont worry, every thing is fine your safe now." It was the angel, even though I had never heard his voice I knew it was him. But what did he mean every thing is fine? I was burning. My whole body was on fire. It was the worse pain I had ever felt in my whole life. "No I'm on fire. please make it stop! I can't stand it! Why am I on fire?" I tried to say-scream was a better way to put it- but it hurt to speak, so that made it sound like a load of jibberish. Just keep your eyes and your mouth shut I told myself. Dont do any thing and it wont hurt.It suprised me that the angel had understood my muddled up words. "I know, but it doesnt last forever. It will go  away soon. Try to rest." Rest? How could I rest? I can't rest during this pain. I was in agony and he wanted me to rest? How on earth was I suppose to rest? But despite my silent groans I did what he said and tried to rest. My deam, well more of a nightmare, was just as horrifying. I saw my friends, family, the people I loved. But they weren't standing up and smiling at me, supporting me through what ever was happening to me. Instead they were lying in a pile. A motionless pile of sickly pale looking figures. Dead figures. They were dead all of them and sitting on top of the pile was the angel. The angel.Blood smeared across his mouth. but his eyes were a dark red. Blood red. My eyes flew open ending that thought. Then I remembered my promise to myself don't open your eyes, don't do anything. I quickly snapped them shut. But my body was thrashing in agony, paying me for my mistake. My body jerked on the cold metal table I was now gripping on to. Meanwhile another wailing cry broke from my teeth. "I am so sorry. It will go away soon, just as I promised-" I was scared of the angel for once. Scared didn't cover it "-I am Demetri. And at the moment you are inside my house.                "Listen to him dear. It will pass shortley."This wasnt the ang- Demetri, I had to remember that he wasnt an angel he was a moster. The monster who did this to me. But this was a female voice. A soft voice. I tried to unlock my jaw to speak, ignoring the pain. This was somthing I needed to know. When my body agreed to do as I asked, I spoke through my teeth." What is happening to me?" I asked, gasping at the same time it was getting worse."What did you do to me?"                  "Shall I tell her Vera?" They were discussing it? They were discussing whether or not to tell what was happening to me. Tell me. why was it taking so long? "Its for the best, she will need to know this sooner or later." Thank you, I thought to the woman- what did Demetri just call her Vera that was it. I was happy that she wanted me to know because my patience was fading away, fast. Demetri finally agreed to answer my qeustion after what felt like forever. "There is no easy way for me to say this but your becoming a-a- vampire." He finnaly said stuttering when he had given in. A vampire? No it is impossible.There are no such things. Vampires don't exist.It wasnt until he answered that I realised that I spoke my thoughts aloud unthinkedly. "It is true.And we will help you through this." His method to calm me was almost working until I heard a door slam and two pairs of new footsteps. I could hear Demetri and Vera walking into the other room to join the new comers. "We came as quickly as we could." I gasped in shock at this persons voice. His voice there was somthing about it that screamed beautiful. This voice was mesmerizing. It made me feel safe, feel sure. For once I forgot about the burning, though I still didn't open my eyes. They were all in the other room still in ear shot. Which confused me. Was my hearing getting better? I had never been able to hear so clearly in all my life.  Was this a vampire thing? "May we see her?" said that amazing voice.Curiosity seemed to be building up in his voice, but if any thing it made him seem even more perfect. Demetri had to ruin every thing by cautioning them of what type of condition I was in. But never the less the footsteps continued to the table I was on, getting closer and closer. My body tenced, not because I knew he was there but because I felt a new pain work it's self into my body. But it wasnt fire it was ice. Freezing cold ice . I would of been merciul for it to put out the fire. But it was too cold to sooth me. The ice hurt because it was fighting with the fire. Replacing the fire all together. But where ever the ice conquered the pain vanished. And I felt normal in the places where the battles had been vanqished.But in some places it wasn't that simple. The fire was fighting back. Claiming it's terrotory. I tried my very hardist not to scream in the presence of the voice but I just couldn't control my self.  I would of begged for death a milliion times if I could speak. I would of asked them to kill me and to do it fast. The pain just wasn't worth it. "Demetri how could you?" The heavenly voice sounded out raged. What had Demetri done? Apart from bringing me to this voice."Rose Peirce!" He said my name with an unforgiving tone. As if I was the one who had done something wrong.How could this stranger take such a sudden dislike to me? And how did he know my name? I was positive that I would of remembered his face if it was as beautiful as his voice. " What should I of done then, let her die?" Demetri was shouting now at - who ever this person was. He was angry now.  "People die all the time!" He wanted me dead? This wasnt making any sence to me now. He didn't even now me. I had no idea what his problem was.He just walked in here, said my name and started causing havoc while Vera was saying something too fast for me to understand. The pain was easing now. The only part of me that hurt now was my heart. Both physically and mentally. It was pounding so much that I thought it would break my ribs in an instant. It felt like the fire and I was having a war. A never ending war. But I couldnt tell who was winning. The ice seemed to have more in numbers but the fire had strength. A scream broke my concentration. Then I realized that it was my scream. A thump from my heart made me almost jump from the table. "Shh. Its all right, it just means that its almost over." Vera cooed to me. I trusted Vera even though i had no idea who she was. She was a complete stranger to me. So to be in this house with strangers went against what my mother had told me. So being the fool I was, I believed her. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was getting worse and worse. And the worse part about it was that I had no idea when it was going to srike me with the venom of pain. It was unbelievable that I had lived through this pain. It was a pain worse than death. But this next pain was different. I could feel it building up inside my soul. I could sence how it was going to hit me. The other hits were nothing compared to what was going to end the everlasting beating of my heart. My hearts days were over. My days were over. But instead of a thump it was a thud. A massive ear splitting ... THUD My ear splitting scream echoed through out the many rooms I the house, making it sound twice as bad. I was right about the other pains. They were nothing. I would of taken a hundred blows. Compared to this, they were nothing. They were like floating on a bed of air. Nothing was worse than this. Nothing. My heart had stopped beating all together. How was I still alive? My heart had stopped. And so had the noice. Every thing had gone silent. Like flipping the switch. So cautiously I opened my eyes.        
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