Red Rose

My life was once normal.I was admired, I was loved. Until I died. Untill I became a vampire. When I became a vampire I met Stefan, who I fell in love with but then Jack came, my decisions became tangled. So the question is who do I choose, when both of them have lied to me...


2. 2.Angel


Blood became almost invisible in my silky hair.My unique hair, if I wd down the street, everyone would stare at the vibrant colour that was upstaging everything or everyone, around me no matter how beautiful. No woman had hair like mine, my friends would feel my hair, they would feel the soft tips of the flame. They would say to me, how they wished they had my hair. My mother, called me the ruby of the family tree because I was the only one, to her knowing, that had this colour. My hair was the ruby to my future.

That thought brang me back down to earth, and I regretted it. I took a scan of my body, ignoring the pain that shouted at me. Blood, blood everywhere. I wondered how I was not yet dead? Had I not been punished enough? What could there be left to do to me?

It was then that I saw the angel. His face was a very pale white. His hair was a dark brown almost black, though by the dimness of the street lamp I was surprised I was able to tell what he looked like. He was beautiful. No thing compared to him. The way his feature's fit in to match the rest of his face making him look complete.

I felt cold hands soothing where the pain was worse, which was funny because the angel had been up the other end of the street. How did he get to me so fast? Why was he not calling for help? Why was he being so calm? There could of been a million questions I wanted   to ask him  but  I  knew that by the time that he answered me, I would be dead . He was leaning down to my neck as if  he was going to whisper in my ear, instead he was breathing very heavily on my neck.And then the most worse pain in my life coursed through me.  He had bitten me. My angel had tried to hurt me more, and he succeeded.around his mouth was some kind of liquid, but it was'nt blood. It was black, dark black.

It looked like black treacle or the stuff my mother would give my younger brother when he was ill. He had injected this stuff inside me. And he was now biting where ever I was bleeding. What was this stuff? How was this going to help me?

I was only vaguely aware of that fact that I was now in the angels arms. But we were flying. The speed we were going at was impossible. I guess this answers the question on, 'how did he get to me so fast?' We were moving like lightning. He was the lightning bolt. My weight however didnt seem to slow his pace. What type of an angel was this? Or was he not an angel? What if he were something very, very different? The last images I saw were his perfect face, the gold eyes and dark brown hair. His face could of been carved by God himself, or by the hands of a great artist. And so then very slowely the image faded away into the blackness.

My life was surrounding my closed lids. My mother, my farther, my brothers, my sister. The many men who's hearts I had broken, and the many men who's hearts i had broken. The heart that was now beating than phsicaly possible.

I saw my child hood. My mother, Claire, she teached me how to be a good person, how to look and be as beautiful as I could be. She also taught me how to be a good influence to my younger sister, Charlotte. Charlotte was a happy girl, she was almost fourteen, but she was nothing like me. She didn't dream about being married or having a family.

My brothers, of course, made fun of me because of this. I had three brothers. Edward, was the eldest, he was named after my farther. He was more mature than his twin, Royce. Royce  considered himself to be the joker of the family, or in my mind the idiot of the family. They also  made fun of my clumsiness. Tumbel, after tumble. My younger brother, Harry, well he was mearly a few weeks old at the time. And well, there isnt really many words to describe him.

It was my mothers job to look after us all and make sure we were all 'presentable' for others to see. My mother had a untamed personality. She was bouncy sometimes but other times more calm. It was impossible to get her to sit down and stop worrying, she would either say that the house was untidy, despite the amount of servants we had to clean it, or that something important was happening, so she had to prepare.

My father was once in the navy, so that was how he got his precision and strong will. But now he owned the most expensive bank in the whole of town. My farther would cherish me in gifts like, new dresses or jewellery, meanwhile hoping that this would find me someone suitable for his daughter. On the other hand he wasn't to happy when I turned down most of the men, who were suitable for me.

Their faces one at a time, slipped away out of my view, until there was nothing left but me and the darkness.  



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