The Devil is mine

Its a story about choices we make when the walls are falling down and having faith in the power of love when the devil is the boss...


1. Hi ! I am Sam

Sam looks around in a bar cautiously hoping that he would find her here. He sits on a corner table for a better view with a little impatient posture. Impatient, the hell he is. The Devil is after him and he is in no mood to come across him and be sent to hell for not working up the deal. His deal is a woman name Angela Parker. Some of the fellow demons have confirmed that she worked in this bar. Every time they tried their spell on her nothing worked rather leaving them run out of the juice inside them and left them sucked dry. Sam has been working on new techniques and craft to get through her. Hope he does the job well and the devil honors the deal between both of them and leave him alone forever. Angela has got the soul which is intact, pure and supposedly strong enough to remain unhurt against any demonic mojo. Why, the devil won’t tell but of course he has his reasons. She herself is not aware about her special powers. All Sam needs to do is get close to her and make her fall in love and slip a ring on her finger. He has worked hard and slept for less than 4 hours in last three days to follow her and collect as much information about her. No one really seems to know much about her other than minor things that she is a hardworking waitress and a religious person. She is kind of a private person, he wonders. Sam knows he has always been women’s favorite and how good he has been in making them fall for him through his good looks and sexuality. “This is gonna be a piece of cake”, he feels confident. “Sir, if you are back from the trance, what can I get for you” she asked Sam standing across the table Sam comes around a bit embarrassed and looks at her. She is ohhh she is… “You’re beautiful” Sam uttered “Cliché, tell me something I don’t know. What’s your order sir” She snapped “I am sorry…Hi, I am Sam..uh Can I get your name..” embarrassed Sam requests almost earnestly. “Sorry sir, but that is off the menu. Can I get you something else?” She answers with expressions hard to encrypt “A Virgin Mary, I guess...” Sam speaks with a glare in his eyes and a seductive smile “Hmm.” She pauses and then continues “would that be all?” “ Well, that would depend upon the service Mam” Sam looks right into her eyes and lean towards her to get a little closer look of her beautiful face. “Very well sir, A Virgin Mary, right away. And one more thing, in case you like the service, Pl keep the tip” She dismisses him and turns away towards the bar. “This isn’t gonna be a piece of cake Sam”…He could feel his forehead sweating
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