the unheard

Sola is good at faking a smile, she does so everyday. But she seeys things, hears things. She cant make them shut up ,it drivesher crazy. Peaople bully her at school for it. She tried several suecide attempts but it always fails.


1. those creepy things

Dear diary,

i cant belief it, all day i went around faking a smile. I made a lot of friends. When i was little my mother told me , if you fake something long enugh, it becomes real, if so, why do i feel like this?? im hurting all over. i just want to cry. I keep hearing voices and they keep telling me about the person i toutch, its scary.

Sola put dont her diary, she hear her mum call her from the kitchen. She was on alert mode. Ok, so you might think its just her mum nothing trying to kill her, well thats where you wrong. Her mum went out 20 mins ago, shes home alone. Ever since her bestfriend Maeve died shes been hearing things, seeing things you cant explain. She got into the kitchen and saw agholsty white figure slowlly turn around. Sola was in such a shock all she said was "Bree? i though you were dead?".

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