The Girl Inside The Glass

I was alone until I met her.
My best friend. My only friend.
But she is trapped in the glass. I will save her.

My both sides of the story competiton entry.


5. Drowning

The girl is damaged. At first I think she is wearing rags, until I see the bones beneath, and realise that her skin hangs off her skeletal frame in tattered ribbons. The girl’s eyes have fallen even further into dark abysses and her cheeks are sunken, slashed into deep trenches. “Help me,” she pleads.

I reach into the bath, but as soon as my finger makes contact with her forehead her face shatters. “No!” I scream. In response the fleeing fragments of her face shriek.

She will drown, I think frantically. I throw myself into the water but she’s gone.

I take quick, airless breaths. Where is she? I wonder, before realising that the bath water is too shallow to fit the girl in. My hands fumble at the taps and the liquid comes hurtling down.

After an agonising minute the bath is full - more than full. The water is spilling over the edges and cascading down onto the bathroom floor.

I see a fleeing glance of fair hair and dive into the depths. She’s here somewhere. I know she is. My lunges scream at me to get out, but I promised that I would protect the girl. I will protect my best friend.

I will save her…

I will save…

I will…


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