The Girl Inside The Glass

I was alone until I met her.
My best friend. My only friend.
But she is trapped in the glass. I will save her.

My both sides of the story competiton entry.


3. Drifting

The next morning I made my way to school.

The mouths had sewn together, promising to keep my secret. Today they were nothing more than puckered lips, hidden beneath the sleeve of my uniform.

I merged amongst the crowds filtering through the gates, pretending to be another sheep in the flock.

But people can sense it; they just know I am something different. They know because of my tired eyes, pale face, and crumpled, second-hand uniform.

And I am left to drift alone, like an ice floe from land.

Over time I have come to accept that. The real problem was those who did notice me.

The bruises on my arms had darkened to an ugly brown.


I float through school in a dream-like state, sitting by myself at the back of the class. In the past months I felt like I was trying to swim up a waterfall. Whenever I found a rock to hold onto it would dissolve in my grasp. Occasionally I deluded myself into thinking I'd reached the top. I would burst from the water, open my mouth to inhale beautiful air. Instead liquid snakes, slither down my throat and my eyes close. The swaying water becomes the cradle that carries me to sleep. 

My future was slipping through my hands. Before I cared - before I would thrash and struggle... but now I just lie back and let the current sweep me to whatever lies below.

My attention was only ever focused on the hands, meandering painfully slowly around the clock face.

Sometimes one of the other girls would walk past to purposely knock into me. “Sorry!” They’d simper in voices dripping with sugary sarcasm.


Whenever they did my gaze would return to the clock face where, if I found the right angle, I see two sad eyes staring back at mine.

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